LETTER: Christie, Stack and legislative friends sold out citizens of NJ again


In a letter to the editor, East Coast Private Investigations President Joe Blaettler takes Union City Mayor/state Senator Brian Stack (D-33) and Gov. Chris Christie (R) to task over two controversial bills making their way through the Legislature.

Union City Mayor/state Senator Brian Stack (D-33) and Gov. Chris Christie (R). Photo via the Associated Press.
Union City Mayor/state Senator Brian Stack (D-33) and Gov. Chris Christie (R). Photo via the Associated Press.

Dear editor,

Behind the scenes negotiations and backroom deals have placed a recently introduced bill (S2851/A4430) on track to become law.

Once passed, the bill will allow Governor Christie to bypass current ethics laws and write a book, earning him millions of dollars.

A synopsis of the bill: Provides for increase in salary of; permits receipt certain public employees of compensation for published works by certain Executive Branch public officers. Notice the word certain—yes, not all, only certain people.

To break it down into simple terms, this a conspiracy to commit legalized ‘pay to play’ and all state elected officials are complicit in this act. They should all feel the wrath of their constituents come the next election. Christie gets a book deal worth millions and in exchange, certain public employee get pay raises. What do we the public get? A higher tax bill. Estimates have shown the bill starts with a 7 million dollar tax increase for 2017 and will only go higher in future years.

Brain Stack, the double-dipping state senator and mayor who lives in a rent controlled apartment with his significant other (who makes a six-figure public salary) stated at a hearing:
“When it comes to the governor writing a book, why not?” state Sen. Brian Stack (D-Hudson) said at Thursday’s hearing.

Why not, Brian? Because the current law states it is illegal. There is absolutely no reason to change it. If Christie wants to write a book he can wait one year. Once he’s out of office he can write all the books he wants without costing the taxpayers a dime.

Maybe he can write a book about operation “bid rig” when he, as the US Attorney General, proudly proclaimed how 44 people including politicians were arrested, but to this day has never stated why certain parties who were implicated in the scandal were never arrested and indicted?

For the last 7 years, we the people have been played by the likes of Brian Stack and Chris Christie. Democrats like Stack and Republicans like Christie only care about money and power and have no regard for the public which they serve.

Stack proclaims himself to be the mayor and senator of the people. Yet, when Christie vetoed a minimum wage bill calling for $15.00 an hour for working people, where was Brian?

When Christie cut programs helping the poor, elderly, and other less fortunate in our state where was Brian Stack and the rest of the senate and assembly?

They were in back rooms cutting deals for themselves. Chris Christie, Brian Stack and numerous members of the assembly and senate have once again sold out the public for personal political gain.

Under the Christie administration there are no longer checks and balances and there are no longer republicans and democrats.

It has become a system of the ‘we’s’. The we’s are those with all the power. Regardless of party or position they work together to benefit themselves while the public pays the bill.

Brian Stack has stated numerous times that Christie is the best governor ever. Considering Christie has an 18% approval rating, the only assumption one can draw is that Christie has been a great governor for the likes of Brian Stack, but not so great for us the people.

Joe Blaettler


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  1. Excellent letter, Mr. Blattler. This bill is an outrage and a slap in the face to taxpayers, and the hurried way in which it is being quietly pushed to the legislature reeks of underhandedness. I hope you sent copies to everyone involved – not that they will care.

    This is the most disgusting state in the country and it’s because of all the unprincipled, corrupt, so-called “public servants” who lack both personal and political integrity. They are so mired in corruption, they don’t even notice it anymore. With few exceptions, they are all out only for themselves. They make me feel dirty just talking about them.

  2. Come on, Joe. Leave Brian alone. Just because all of those officials in Union City were corrupt and plead to criminal charges does not make the mayor himself corrupt. Sure he hand picked all of them but the mayor has never been charged with criminal wrongdoing. Yes, he was mention in a book about Jersey corruption, but again-he was never charged. The beauty of our American justice system in the presumption of innocence. Our mayor is very transparent. Every week I get no fewer than 2 mailers to a dozen people that dont live in my house. If Mr. Stack was corrupt and secretive, would he keep sending all this mail and having people hand deliver fliers? Can’t someone have two jobs? Maybe he’s good at both of them. After all, the people voted him in. Give the guy a chance. History will tell what sort of leader he was, when we all look back at our beloved Union City.

    Rich Rivera
    Union City resident

  3. Christie has been lucky. While he screws the public over and over and over again, he can always count on Steve Sweeney to deliver South Jersey and Brian Stack to deliver North Jersey. The author of the letter hit the nail right on the head when he said that New Jersey is no longer a two party State. As a lifelong Democrat, I’m not voting for any more Democrats until they start acting like Democrats again.

  4. Richard Rivera
    Aren’t you the ex police officer who after signing a document never to work in the public system tried to slither your way back in with the two time Indicted Mayor of West New York Roque . And when you were outed you had to resign from the parking authority.