West New York commissioner candidate Leung reacts to racist, sacrilegious flyer


West New York commissioner candidate Thomas Leung spoke with Hudson County View regarding a flyer that uses racist, sacrilegious, imagery to mock Leung and the rest of the West New York United team.

Warning: Video contains images that may be offensive to viewers


The flyer, which the West New York United team says was available in town hall on Friday, is written in Spanish and depicts Leung as a Bruce Lee-type of character who thinks Hispanics are “ignorant” and also mocks the fact that he lives on the waterfront.

When asked if he thought this was done by a random supporter of Mayor Felix Roque, as opposed to insiders on his re-election team, Leung entertained the notion, but criticized the mayor for not publicly denouncing the flyer.

Leung also stated that he was “completely offended” by the religious aspect of the flyer, noting that the printing was professional and wasn’t some “hack job.”

Team Roque’s campaign manager, Pablo Fonseca, blasted the notion that his slate was behind the literature, going as far as to say the West New York United team may have created it themselves for the sake of attention.

“We absolutely have nothing to do with this, every piece of literature created from the campaign, on the ground or in the air, is approved by me. Myself, and the mayor, have zero tolerance for this kind of propaganda … This has nothing to do with our campaign.”

“We are winning this campaign overwhelmingly … I would never do this. I don’t put it past them that they didn’t create it themselves to create attention since they have no campaign – their campaign has been having a press conference once a week to really talk about nothing.”

“They have not talked about any issues or solutions about what they want to do in West New York.”

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  1. Mr. Laung WNY has always been a very diverse community with almost every nationality living within its 1 sq. Mile.there is no way this flyer came from Team Roques Campaign.itt is not a proffesional flyer its a flyer that anyone can make on their home computer.proffesionally designed flyers are made on photoshop and indesign and this flyer looks like a home made mess.i wont point any fingers cause doing so would be assuming as you are assuming that it came from Team Roque.Pablo Fonseca did comment on it speaking for the campaign and the mayor and very clearly dennounced the flyer and very clearly stated that his campaign would never put out such trash as this flyer is.I know you guys are trying to gain some points but these kinds of assumptions of a flyer that you can clearly tell is homemade garbage is not good for the community as a whole.To ensite racial tensions in such a small town can have devastating results.now if you had prove of who did it then it wouldnt be an assumption but to point fingers and blame without proof is just trying to create drama.sry for all mispelling..writing from phone with big fat fingers….lol

    • Mr. Ferrero,
      you are the master of making accusations without proof. You did it for three years when you were calling roque and his team POS and now you are doing it to wiley’s team. Shame on you for insinuating this man is insighting anything racial. Pablo Fonseca is a hack and having him as a face of an organization is laughable. Btw I was at the function for commissioner cirrillo and the good mayor clearly stated and apologized for “harrassing” him over the past couple of years. He actually used the word “harrassing”. So to think that this administration hasn’t used those tactics and is not willing to put out this flyer is a joke. You are a joke and so is Mayor Roque. When is he going to see that he is the puppet here.

  2. Good point, David Greene.
    Not only are they ducking the forum, but Fonseca lied about not knowing about it. There are records of all the phone calls and emails sent to Roque and his team, which went unanswered.
    They are cowards who refuse to face the citizens. They only appear at fundraisers attended by phonies and cronies like themselves.
    As for this flyer, I don’t put anything past Roque. He is low and surrounds himself with garbage just like himself. Why was it being distributed around Town Hall. I didn’t hear Fonseca or FF denying that.

  3. That flyer was disrespectful to ALL the people of this town, not just to the Wiley team.
    What a disgrace that it was distributed at Town Hall. Why didn’t Roque or Fonseca denounce it, as Thomas Leung suggested?
    They are lowlifes with no class and no decency.

    The more I see how the coyote clan is using this bullcrap flyer that some idiot came out with,the more it smells like the coyote clan put this flyer out themselves to create much needed attention.First they are saying this flyer was distributed on desk and newspapers in town hall,I asked a few employees in town hall and they said that was not true,that none of them got one on their desk.What a coincidence that the flyer attacks on racial and church issues.I would bet that they put it out themselves being that they are pushing it so hard and are so quick, with no proof whatsoever, to blame the Roque Team.Heres the KICKER…the flyer which i havent even seen in person only on postings on facebook looks like a a regular size paper flyer composed by an amateur.Now if you take this regular size paper flyer and blow it up to a big poster size,you would need to scan it and get it reprinted and when you blow up something like this that you only have a copy of it,it becomes distorted and pixelated BUT ON THE BIG POSTERS THAT THE COYOTE CLAN HAD TODAY THESE HUGE POSTER WHERE VERY CLEAR,NOT PIXELATED NOR DISTORTED,THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE THEM COME OUT THAT CRISP IS IF YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL COMPUTER FILES….HUMMMMMM…….But GOD is great and he is always watching and you can fool people but you cant fool GOD.So good luck on May 12.Trying to incite a riot with racial and religious false accusations is despicable and I was very surprised to see some involved in this despicable act or shall I call it an act of desperation.I dont know alot about church and the bible,but I strongly believe in GOD,but one main thing I do know and I always try to remind myself is that we should not judge,but I see some that claim to be GOD’S peoples judging alot and using a church in inappropriate ways…But I’m not the one to judge,GOD will do that.GOD BLESS YOU.Watch out for lighting…..Oh wait P.S. all weekend they where claiming of a big bomb this week and all they came out with was this fake flyer,how did they know it was coming and that they where gonna try to make it such a big deal…THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO>>>>>>>>> HMMMMMMM<<<<<<<<<<

  5. wow after looking at their posters a lil more,it looks like the posters are even clearer than the flyers,no way this flyer was copied and reprinted,these posters came from the original computer files.Think about this how convenient that one flyer attacks on racial,religion and gender all in one convenient flyer.Look how nice and clear the blowup of a paper flyer looks….Oh boy these people are MASTER CON ARTISTS…..

  6. Frank,

    Looks like Pablo taught you well. These days, everything that comes out of your mouth or is typed by your chubby fingers are bald faced lies.

    If you’re going to spin conspiracy theories how about this one: you and Pablo Fonseca started residents for a better west new York as a vehicle to create more election cycles in wny. Sounds far fetched? Yeah, so does your theory where the opposition would purposely ridicule itself to garner attention.

    Why don’t you get that POS Mayor of yours to man up and attend the April 30th League of Women Voters moderated forum. We all know that he’s hoping to avoid it, so that he doesn’t embarrass that entire team. It’s sad that nearly 4 years later he can’t answer a single question about the budget. Other people have to do his homework for him.

    So sad that even with the questions being provided in advance, that he can’t adequately prepare ahead of the venue to defend his position as Mayor. I’ve never seen an incumbent so scared to engage the public at large in quite the same manner as this failure that you call your boss.

    9 million dollars in litigation and an additional 11 Million in debt is an abysmal track record, so it’s understandable why he wouldn’t want to show his face to an event filled with concerned citizens. Then again maybe it’s a matter of simply not giving a crap about wny, which has pretty much been the case all along.

    By the way, did the colonel even know where union city ended and west new York began, some 4 years ago? His voting record indicates that he is either doing a Juan Espinal or a Frank ferreiro. Where is he living these days?

  7. Frank has a lot of free time on his hands lately. Lol he should spend more time taking care of himself and less worrying about the election. He is just a slob that gets used for his big mouth.