LETTER: WNY United will bring necessary changes to town, commissioner candidate says


In a letter to the editor, West New York United commissioner candidate Myrli Sanchez says that the town needs change and the credentials of her team should speak for themselves. 

Myrli Sanchez

Dear Editor:

As a concerned citizen of West New York who happens to be a businesswoman, a wife, and a mother of 3 daughters, I care deeply about our community.

I want our town to be a safe, clean, and prosperous place to raise a family and make a living. That is why I am running for commissioner in the upcoming May election on the WEST NEW YORK UNITED slate, along with incumbent Count Wiley and our other running mates.

West New York needs positive change. And it needs it now. Our taxes are too high, and our residents are being denied access to basic city services to which they are entitled. Our children and our seniors both lack adequate programs to help them navigate through life. Programs that people in other cities enjoy and take for granted.

No doubt about it! Much needs to be done in West New York. But much can be accomplished with right leadership. And much good will be accomplished by voting for the WEST NEW YORK UNITED slate of 5 candidates on COLUMN “D”.

West New York needs new ideas and new blood in Town Hall. Our local government has been mismanaged for too long, and we need qualified experienced people to help us get back on the right track.

I have a proven record of helping others and increasing productivity in the private sector. I know I can make a difference in the public sector on the Board of Commissioners.

Ever since I graduated college with a BA in both Business Administration and Business Management, I have used my professional skills to help numerous businesses and organizations excel. In fact, I served for 10 years as the Chief Financial Officer – CFO – of Global Performance Group LLC.

Since leaving Global, I have run my own business is crisis management, serving as a consultant to both small business owners and non-profit organizations alike.

As a life coach, I am well-known among my peers for finding and implementing new solutions for old complex problems. I will bring this innovative skill set to government and put it to work for the people of West New York.

My parents taught me the value of a good education and I want the youth of West New York to have a school system second to none. My mother was born in Puerto Rico and is currently a public school teacher in New Jersey’s largest city. My father, Dr. Francisco Dillon, is originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, and retired as the Director of University Hospital in Newark.

So, I am well aware of the opportunities a first-rate education provides. Our town’s students – and your children – deserve no less. They deserve the best.

I also know the value of living a life of faith. For the past 15 years I have been happily married to Rafael Sanchez, Jr., the pastor of House of Worship Ministries Church, right here in town.

Together, we are raising our 3 daughters in a loving home and – like any family – share your concerns for the happiness and well-being of our children.

That is why I want West New York to be a community that cares, and a place with pride. I can no longer just sit on the side-lines and complain. It’s time to get involved. Now is the time to get in the game and fight for what is right.

That is why I decided to join the WEST NEW YORK UNITED team of Commissioner Count Wiley, Carlos Betancourt, Thomas Leung, and Hector Hernandez. Each of these individuals are upstanding and qualified people who will bring decades of proved experience to town government.

Each has his own area of expertise that will serve you and your family well – be it law enforcement, financial management, or civil engineering.

Join us in helping to turn WNY around. Lets make our town a better place to live for all. Your future and the future of your family depends on it. On Election Day – May 12, Vote to put People Before Politics and Competence before Cronyism.

ELECT THE WEST NEW YORK UNITED team from top to bottom. Vote Column “D” all the way and watch good things happen.


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  1. Ms. Sanchez: you are Wiley’s administrative assistant, you are no CFO of any unknown company. Our taxpayers help pay your salary for a no-show job in townhall.

    You work with your husband (Pastor Ralph) running his cult, taking advantage of low-income Hispanics.You use your church goers to do political campaign.

    You have no qualifications, you cannot even speak in public. Who wrote this letter for you?

  2. Ok. Wiley wouldn’t and didn’t support your school board campaign, you get a decent amount of votes, then he wants you. Wiley was the attack dog of Roque until he got switched from Public Works, then all of a sudden, Roque is crooked, blah blah blah. It either didn’t bother him or he didn’t know it before, so, like the Godfather, he’s too stupid to be in charge of anything. Chucky? From all accounts, he was no superstar cop. Thank you for your service, but that’s enough. Was he a Sgt, or did he retire as a patrolman? If patrolman, then he’s padding his resume for the race. Thomas, I don’t know. You seemed so offended about the cartoons, yet YOU stated that you were “going to use nunchucks to clean up the town.” Do you know martial arts or not? Hector, you’re ok. You know who you are. With that, said, vote Roque or get a bunch of disgruntled political hacks IMHO. Shout out to the Director of a Police for supporting your cops and community. My daughter loved the Jr. Police Academy and has shown growth and maturity already. Your cops made a big impact on her and I thank you and the force for it. Too bad Wiley had to wear a sour face during the awards. Maybe he had to use the bathroom like the day Chucky fake apologized for his stupid remarks about his former brothers. Great leadership Wiley for not stepping up and condemning them yourself because Chucky seemed as sincere as Clinton saying he didn’t inhale.

  3. David Greene
    April 15, 2015 at 12:07 am

    Fonseca’s comments are laughable since the Roque slate is the only one ducking the League of Women Voters forum to be held on April 30.


    April 15, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Good point, David Greene.
    Not only are they ducking the forum, but Fonseca lied about not knowing about it. There are records of all the phone calls and emails sent to Roque and his team, which went unanswered.
    They are cowards who refuse to face the citizens. They only appear at fundraisers attended by phonies and cronies like themselves.
    As for this flyer, I don’t put anything past Roque. He is low and surrounds himself with garbage just like himself. Why was it being distributed around Town Hall. I didn’t hear Fonseca or FF denying that.

  4. wow after looking at their posters a lil more,it looks like the posters are even clearer than the flyers,no way this flyer was copied and reprinted,these posters came from the original computer files.Think about this how convenient that one flyer attacks on racial,religion and gender all in one convenient flyer.Look how nice and clear the blowup of a paper flyer looks….Oh boy these people are MASTER CON ARTISTS…..

  5. Nothing Fonseca posts on this blog is going to change the minds of West new York voters. They are tired of a Mayor that can’t answer a single question pertaining to the budget and can’t man up and attend the April 29th League of Women Voters moderated forum. Is Margarita Guzman a ‘lawyer’ and did she really graduate from University? Sue is just a liar and everyone that lives in the Versailles knows it. Cosmo lives at his parents home and had his wife move in with him, 3 months after she changed her registration from one north bergen residence to another. How likely is it that she still lives in North Bergen? As for Gabriel, isn’t it strange that he suddenly moved out of his parents home and into the Versailles just 3 weeks before he was appointed commissioner? It seems like Fonseca and Team Roque are allergic to telling the truth.

  6. Myrli you are going to do a fantastic job as a commisioner for the town of WNY. The people want you. When they meet you they see what I see, a woman that cares and will follow up and follow thru on her word. The proof is there. You ran for the BOE with no name recognition, no big endorsements, and no money and almost beat the Democratic party line. You are a diligent, fast responding, energetic, dynamic, competent leader. Any company or municipality would be blessed to have you. Keep your focus on helping the people of community get what they need. The people will do the rest on May 12.

  7. Latin Eagles: do you want to go there about addresses? Really? Ask Mrs. Wiley about North Bergen residents because she’s on record of living there and holding an office. It’s about which TEAM is best qualified. Individuals like Leung and Mrs. Sanchez are good, but like the NBA, a star on a losing team is still on a losing team. I liked Wiley and he had my vote until Roque showed his leadership by bringing together Vega and the rest of his well qualified team. That shows he’s grown and has let his ego go and is focused on the business of moving WNY forward. Wiley’s nail in the coffin was that ridiculous statement by Chucky regarding the cops. So when Wiley didn’t control his guy, then he didn’t assure the cops that he had their back and recognized the good job they’ve done while Chucky fake apologized, assured me that my vote for Team Roque will be the right move. I had a convo with Mrs. Sanchez because I found it weird that Wiley ran a ticket for the school board without her even though her husband was working on his campaign. Let’s just say that she enlightened me and that is another big reason Wiley doesn’t have my vote.

  8. Ellis,
    Roque has “grown” all right. He’s “grown” more corrupt, arrogant and generally despicable than he ever was. He is an evil dictator and always will be. Just wait and see if he is reelected. You will eat your words.
    Roque is BAD for WNY. We need to get rid of him!!!