West New York Business Administrator Matthew Watkins leaving October 2


West New York Business Administrator Matt Watkins, who earns $196,000 a year, is leaving the position on October 2 – taking a slight pay cut to accept the same title in Bloomfield – pending a vote by their council. Matthew Watkins

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

According to a copy of a resolution to be voted on at this evening’s Bloomfield Council meeting, Watkins would become township administrator effective October 5, with an annual salary of $176,000, as well as a $500 monthly car allowance, 25 vacation days, 15 sick days and five personal days a year.

Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia did not immediately return an email to his township address seeking comment.

Hudson County View first reported on Watkins hire in West New York just over a year ago, with Mayor Felix Roque referring to the new addition to his administration as “part of taking this town to a new era.”

Watkins, a former director of the state Division of Local Government Services, handed in his resignation in West New York to take on a similar opportunity close to home, given that he lives in Bloomfield, a source said.

“We thank Mr. Watkins for his outstanding service to the residents of West New York and we wish him the best of luck in the township of Bloomfield,” town spokesman Pablo Fonseca said, noting that a search committee would be formed in order to find a suitable replacement for Watkins.

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  1. Sorry to see him go. He did a good job and was fair. He was handed 10lbs of crap in a 5lb bag a year ago. His intentions were always good, but nothing good could come of it with the hands of Pablo and Silvio constantly stirring the pot. Sue didn’t help the cause either. Again, sorry to see him go but happy he got out before they ruined his reputation. He will be missed by the employees who show up, do their jobs and see the injustice as to what happens on a regular basis at town hall. All five or six of us. The rest of them will just continue doing what they do best…. NOTHING and collect their paychecks.

  2. Watkins is taking a $20k pay cut and leaving after just a year on the job. It must have been torture for him trying to do the right thing among all the corruption and filth in Town Hall.

    That’s the problem with this town – the bad guys are still in control and the good guys are way outnumbered. Unless people wake up, it will never get better.

    Roque and Acosta need to go, and plenty of others, I’m sure.