Hoboken’s Washington Street redesign construction may begin by October


Hoboken’s Washington Street redesign construction may commence by October of this year, according to presentation made by Jackie Flor of T & M Associates during a presentation to the city council.


According to Flor “all the construction between Observer Highway and 8th street is to finish by October 1, 2017.”

The Washington Street Redesign Project will feature 12-foot water main replacements on the west side and 8-foot water main replacements on the east side.

Washington Street will also have 15 new traffic signals, including pedestrian push buttons and curb bump outs.

Additionally, there is a five-month lead time for new traffic signals, and thereafter, new ones will be built every three weeks.

The redesign will also have curb extensions on all intersections, except for designated bus stop areas, ADA compliant ramps, new street lights, roadway resurfacing and water main replacements.

The 15 new rain gardens guarantees a volume storage of 19,751.28 cubic feet.

Washington Street from Observer Highway to 8th street will also feature class II bike lanes. There would be the parallel parking will be 6 feet wide, 2 feet buffered and 11 feet wide travel lanes – which also includes 4 feet bike lakes.

For uptown, angle parking will remain, guaranteeing no loss of parking spaces. It will have 14 foot travel lane with sharrows.

The construction schedule is as follows:

1) Water Main installation, which is an average of 100 linear feet a day. Once it’s fully tested, there will a total of 6 services connected a day. There will be a short disruption of services between one to four hours.

2) Under ground work will follow after the water main installation which includes conduits, microgrids and drainage. It is estimated to be between 1.5 to 2 weeks per block.

3) Concrete work

4) Rain gardens

5) Milling and Paving

The Hoboken City Council also unanimously passed a resolution amending the professional service contract with T&M Associates not to exceed the amount of $1,5000 for the 1st Street Streetscape and City Wayfinding contract.

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