Bayonne Mayor Davis joins ribbon cutting ceremony at renovated PSE&G center


Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis joined officials for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the newly renovated PSE&G center located at 608 Broadway. 


“PSE&G has fostered a relationship with the communities we have served for over 100 years, and our walk-in customer service centers are a visible example of how we do that,” said Bill Nash, the PSE&G Customer Contact Director, laying adding that 90,000 Bayonne residents entered this particular facility last year.

Davis thanked PSE&G for their commitment to the senior community of Bayonne, who typically prefer face-to-face interactions as opposed to paying bills on their computer or on a smart phone.

Michael Garcia, the Executive Vice President UWUA Local 601, the workers’ union that works with PSE&G, expressed his gratitude to be able to serve the community.

“When I first got the job in public service, my grandma was very happy, and I knew why, I tell the story all the time: now you have a chance to serve the public.”

When speaking about the diversity of the PSE&G family, Garcia took a shot at controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I represent customer service centers from Union City into north Paterson, Passaic, as far down going to Trenton, Burlington … we represent almost every facet of this state. Diversity across this state, I know Trump wouldn’t be happy with this, all kinds of people.”

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