West New York BOE Trustee Rodas hired as asst. to the CFO at parking authority


West New York Board of Education Trustee Steven Rodas was hired by the town parking authority as the assistant to the chief financial officer (CFO) at a salary of $68,000. Steven Rodas

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Rodas, 33, was appointed to the post exactly one week ago at the parking authority’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting and his first day on the job was yesterday, sources said.

His contract is for one year and is not to exceed $68,000, according to a resolution approved by the commissioners West New York Parking Authority.

The measure passed by a vote of 4-0, with Commissioner Armando Alvarez absent, the approved resolution says.

After leaving his job at the county health department, Rodas briefly spent a couple weeks working at West New York Town Hall earlier this month, getting paid on an hourly basis, multiple sources confirmed with Hudson County View.

Rodas was elected to the board of education in November 2014 and served as the president of the governing body the following year.

More recently, he served on the budget committee as the local teachers union was fighting for a new contract, which was settled shortly before the November election last year.

Furthermore, Rodas is currently taking a certified municipal financial officer class and has a history of working in finance in New York.

WNYPA Executive Director Amiris Perez did not immediately return a call seeking comment, while Rodas declined to comment.

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  1. Keep giving tickets the west new york parking authority is a top heavy mismanaged mess as is the town.Rodas.should pay his fines but he fits in with the other convicts Manny Diaz aka kilo runner and Silvio grease my pockets Acosta.

    • I agree with you, mean while the town is crumbling and falling apart and they say theres no money to fix anything,but theres money to pay these bozos money for jobs they know nothing about. God help us if this bozo and his puppets don’t get out soon enough.

  2. This is Rodas’ payback for doing Roque’s dirty work on the Board of Education. With one or two exceptions. pretty soon the whole board will be town employees, and the dirtier they get the more they will be rewarded. Roque is to WNY as Trump is to the United States — BAD!

    The swamp in WNY needs draining, big time.