LETTER: Wainstein says North Bergen teachers contract ‘is full of problems’


Calling the North Bergen teachers new contract “a victory over [Mayor Nick] Sacco and his corrupt regime,” Larry Wainstein says the deal is still “full of problems” in a letter to the editor. Sacco-Wainstein

Dear educators:

I want to thank all the teachers and parents of the North Bergen School District who believed in me and allowed me to be a voice for them before the Board of Education.

Many of the teachers have called me confidentially and advised me of the problems that they have in the schools. The problems that the teachers have told me are dire. According to the teachers the children do not have books, paper and they lack basic supplies.

Today the teachers can claim victory over Sacco and his corrupt regime. Confidential sources have advised me that the North Bergen School Board will approve a contract for the teachers at the next meeting.

Nicholas Sacco was forced to settle with the Teachers Union because he knows that I was supporting you and Sacco will say and do anything to try to get your support because he knows that I am coming.

Sacco was forced to resolve the contract quickly to prevent total chaos within his ranks. The teachers’ eyes have now been opened and they have seen that Sacco only cares about getting rich at the expense of our children and the school system.

While the Teachers now have a contract, the contract is full of problems.

Sacco and the Board of Education have created director and supervisor positions for their crony friends and they force teachers to attend workshops held by the directors and supervisors daily, which takes time away from their primary role which is teaching our children.

Additionally, teachers are still not getting the supplies and support they need to teach our children.

I will continue to attend School Board meetings to keep the Board honest and make sure they honor the contract given to the educators.


Larry Wainstein


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