Warren County Democrats back Fulop for governor, 2nd party endorsement after HCDO


The Warren County Democratic Committee is backing Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop for governor, his second party endorsement after the Hudson County Democratic Organization endorsed on his home turf.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“New Jersey has made tremendous progress over the last six years, which is why we need a candidate for Governor who can win in 2025 and continue moving our state forward — there is no one better equipped for that fight than Steven Fulop,” said WCDC Chair Tom Palmieri said in a statement.

“I’m ecstatic to announce the Warren County Democratic Committee’s support for Mayor Fulop and I look forward to working closely with him to deliver the leadership our state needs.”

Palmieri’s support comes on the heels of nine recent endorsements for the Fulop campaign, which were from mayors from five counties outside of Hudson County.

He also recently announced his first labor endorsements, with both the Amalgamated Transit Workers Union International and New Jersey Council supporting his campaign.

“It’s an honor to know that Chairman Palmieri and the leaders of the Warren County Democratic Committee agree with our campaign’s vision for a state that delivers progress for all of its residents, from the Hudson River to the Delaware and everywhere in between,” added Fulop.

“While Jersey City and Warren County may not appear to have many similarities, the fact is that there are common challenges facing communities throughout our state like affordability, transportation, education and more, and our campaign is about confronting those issues and delivering solutions for residents no matter where they live.”

Warren County is a smaller suburban area that borders the Delaware River and Easton, Pennsylvania to the west and the New York City metropolitan area to the east.

According to public records, they have 23,395 registered Democratic voters, the third least in New Jersey.

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