LD-31 Assembly candidate Dejon Morris wants to decriminalize marijuana


District 31 Assembly candidate Dejon Morris, a Jersey City police detective and co-pastor at Mt. Olive Baptist Church, said he wants to decriminalize marijuana and implement county police academies, among other initiatives, if elected. 


Morris, an 11-year veteran of the Jersey City Police Department – who has been a detective for the past five years, responded to the recent turmoil within the Hudson County Democratic Organization in District 31.

A former Jersey City Board of Education candidate with a five-year old in the school system, Morris explained why he thought he was a top contender for the NJ Assembly this time around, later touching on why he wants to push for decriminalizing marijuana and county police academies – among other initiatives.

“Well, what it is, is I think it’s a waste of money for the taxpayer to have an individual arrested for this particular crime, when basically, a fine can be given to them in lieu of incarcerated,” Morris said.


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