Urban Paddle expands kayak rentals to Lincoln Park in Jersey City, Braddock Park in North Bergen


Urban Paddle has expended their kayak rentals to Lincoln Park in Jersey City and James J. Braddock Park in North Bergen, the first time these two lakes will have such a service available.

Photo courtesy of Urban Paddle.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Our philosophy is to get more paddlers out on the water to awaken their love for paddling and an appreciation for our local marine environments,” said Urban Paddle owner Kevin Murray.

“We are a beginner-friendly operation meaning we teach each of our paddlers the basics in paddle technique and marine safety. There is no better time to get into a new activity and we are the introduction to kayaking for those urban residents who normally wouldn’t have easy access to the sport.”

Murray also noted he was raised in North Bergen and spent much of his childhood in Braddock Park.

Rentals open this Saturday, August 7th and paddlers will be able to rent single or two-person kayaks by the hour: $20 per hour for a single kayak and $30 per hour for a double

Additionally, children over six years old can paddle with an adult. All equipment including life vests are provided along with free paddle instruction by Urban Paddle’s trained staff of local high school and college students.

The rentals will be available at Edgewood Lake in Lincoln Park and Woodcliff Lake in North Bergen.

Urban Paddle is a kayak tour company located in Jersey City that offers unique guided tours of the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty.

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    • Imagine, I approached Sacco back in 2001 , to find the same thing! It’s only open to companies and that means “ heavy donors” . Yo think that no one else ever thought of this is insulting. This shit happens all the time and why there is so much economic inequity in our system!

  1. A bunch of places say Lincoln Park Jersey City, but reservation sent me to Lincoln Park, near Wayne. Of course no one has replied to my email, and my reservation is in two hours, I guess we’ll find out soon how good their refund policy is…