Union City BOE hires retired police lieutenant for safety and security gig at $91k


Retired Union City Police Lt. Juan Loaces has been hired as the safety and security implementation officer for the local board of education at an annual salary of $91,050, according to a copy of the agenda from last night’s special meeting.

Retired Union City Police Lt. Juan Loaces.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Loaces, who retired effective July 1st after 30 years of service, was hired retroactively as of November 15th, based on the first resolution listed under “Non-Instructional Personnel” at last night’s meeting.

His appointment was approved unanimously (7-0).

According to public records, Loaces earns an annual pension of $133,522.80.

In April of last year, retired Police Chief Richard Molinari took over a similar role at the BOE, a school safety specialist, for a salary of $106,000 a year.

At the time, a spokesman for the Union City Public Schools said that the state mandated that each school district have a formal head of security position.

“Serves as a liaison to federal, state, county agencies, local law enforcement, SROs and assists administrators in matter involving criminal activities in and around school facilities,” the job posting that led to Molinari’s hiring said.

After a three-month leave of absence ended on March 1st of this year, Molinari resigned from this post.

Last year, HCV reported that a timesheet change raised questions about an otherwise uneventful car crash Loaces was involved in back in December 2018.

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