Team Bhalla Hoboken Council-at-Large candidate Quintero lays out plan to combat flooding


Hoboken Council-at-Large candidate Joe Quintero, a member of Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s ticket, laid out a plan to combat flooding this afternoon.

From left to right: Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla, Council-at-Large candidate Joe Quintero, Councilwoman-at-Large Emily Jabbour, and Councilman-at-Large Jim Doyle. Photo courtesy of the Team Bhalla campaign.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

His three-pronged approach seeks to reduce flooding in our streets through expanding resiliency efforts city-wide, keeping the Hudson River at bay during periods of high storm surge, and empowering all residents to be better positioned to deal with the consequences of flooding when it does occur.

“We are in a new era of frequent mega-storms. We must put in place a comprehensive approach to curbing flooding, one that attacks the problem on all fronts.That is exactly what my plan does,” Quintero said in a statement.

He wants to see the Southwest Pop-up Park become a permanent resiliency park, create a resiliency park at 800 Monroe St. – which the city acquired as part of the Monarch settlement – move forward with 61 locations identified by Rebuild by Design as areas that could include green or gray infrastructure, among other initiatives.

Quintero also calls for additional flood pumps and a resiliency park at the Hoboken Housing Authority, bringing back with the Office of Constituent Services with resources dedicated to flood issues, enabling flood risk assessments, and establishing an infrastructure trust fund.

“Ongoing maintenance of the two flood resistance structures are estimated to be several millions of dollars per year,” Quintero explained.

“An infrastructure trust fund, with participation from the City and associated public agencies, should be set up to ensure the north and south flood structures remain in good working order, to ensure costs are shared equitably, and to de-politicize any costs associated with ongoing maintenance. Additionally, any surpluses in the trust fund should be used solely for flood mitigation efforts.”

Expectedly, his running mates Councilwoman-at-Large Emily Jabbour and Councilman-at-Large Jim Doyle, along with Bhalla, are on board with his proposal.

“Joe Quintero brings innovative and important ideas to our ongoing efforts to combat flooding. His thoughtful approach to this big challenge facing our city is an example of why we selected him to join the Team Bhalla,” the mayor stated.

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  1. This is a just rehash of previous topics to protect Hoboken from flooding. Resist and delay has certainly been delayed. It’s late. Too much talk, too little action from the other three on this team.

    They laid off dozens of City employees during COVID-19, including forced retirements of career employees, demotions with cuts in salary and others who were just kicked to the curb. Meanwhile, numerous new hires since the layoffs and raises to select employees diminish the credibility of those who supported the layoffs.

    While the city continues to pay employees to stay home, those forced out are suffering and I hope those responsible don’t show their faces on the streets of Hoboken. They hurt your neighbors.

    • It’s my understanding that city hall layoffs happened because the anti-bhalla portion of the city council slashed their staffing budget. If you know differently, please let us know.

        • So, the city council slashing the staff budget had nothing to do with layoffs and eliminating positions, then? Is that what you are saying? Then how about you explain what happened. Go on, tell us.

          • City Council didn’t slash anything which is why Ravi doles out massive double-digit raises to his political operatives in the mayor’s office.

            Ravi overspends the budget because that’s who he is. Then he targets Hoboken people in City Hall who don’t worship him. He even fired a woman who was taking care of an ill family member and was the sole worker supporting the family.

            That’s who your boss Ravi is.

  2. Nice to see him take credit for ideas and plans that are almost 10 years old…
    This guy has been invisible in this city until now.
    Community activity should be more than just being a Democratic or Republican committee person.
    Does he even know where the current pumps are and if the city needs ” more” pumps? Is he an engineer?
    Here comes Cammarano 2

  3. Wow, this boy wonder is a genius… All that money planning “rebuild by design” was such a waste. We could have just asked Joe! Oh, but then that would have required him attending public meetings.