Hoboken BOE renews Superintendent Johnson’s contract through June 30, 2026


The Hoboken Board of Education renewed Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christine Johnson’s contract through June 30th, 2026, approving a five-year deal that could max out her annual salary at $264,890 if quantitative and qualitative merit goals are met.

The Hoboken Board of Education at their September 14th, 2021 meeting. Screenshot via YouTube.

By John Heinis/Hudson County

A public hearing on her contract renewal was held on August 24th, but lasted less than four minutes when no members of the public opted to speak.

“Since starting with the district, Dr. Johnson’s focus has naturally been on academic achievement coupled with social and emotional well being of our students and staff. Dr. Johnson’s tireless efforts began well before the COVID-19 pandemic,” began BOE President Sharyn Angley.

“This past year was a true test: she knew what needed to be done and how to do it for our students, family, teachers, and staff. Her organization, communication, and proactive approach this past year was a success – something most district’s throughout the state and country couldn’t pull off.”

In the past 18 months or so, Johnson led the effort to allow the Hoboken Public Schools to offer in-person learning for nearly the full duration of the ongoing public health emergency.

Last month, the school district become the first in the state to impose a COVID-19 vaccination/testing mandate for staff and students 12 and over.

According to a copy of the new agreement, which was approved by Interim Executive County Superintendent Melissa Pearce on August 4th, the contract will run retroactively through July 1st, 2021 and June 30th, 2026.

Her total annual salary for the upcoming scholastic year will be $193,778, $202,654 the next year, $211,707 in 2023-2024, $220,941 in year 4, and finally $230,360 in the 2025-2026 scholastic year.

In those five years, her total annual salary with additional compensation could range from $222,825 and $264,890, the contract says.

The agreement didn’t yield any further discussion at last week’s September 14th meeting, which lasted just over a half hour, with the board passing the new deal unanimously (9-0).

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