Teacher with grade-fixing suit against Jersey City BOE could lose tenure


Nabil Youssef, a Lincoln High School math teacher, confronted the Jersey City Board of Education regarding possible charges against his tenure that came in the midst of his pending lawsuit against the district alleging discrimination and grade inflation.


“President Torres, I believe that the board cannot take action on my tenure charges. This is coming from my heart and I will tell you some reason. One Dr. Lyles, herself, is named in my lawsuit. The administration cannot just go ahead and put tenure charge while I am suing them for discrimination,” stated Youssef.

Youssef, who taught for over 17 years with good work evaluations, filed a lawsuit in 2014 against the district alleging that he was punished for not complying with requests from schools administrators, including Lyles, to change students failing grades to make sure the district would not lose federal aid.

After he declined to do so, he was pushed to work in “hostile environment” and was given terrible teacher evaluations for the past two years, the lawsuit claims.

“I got evaluated by the same people in my lawsuit. The Principal Ms. (Cheryle Richardson) Evans, Vice Principal (Chris) Gadsden, which is now (Jersey City) Ward B Councilman, Monica Patel. Vice principal Mr. Gadsen himself and Monica Patel they asked me to change the grade for the students.”

Youssef also claimed that he has a video recording of Gadsden and emails from Patel to corroborate what was written in the suit.

“Don’t make me talk in public. Stuff is going to harm people here. Reputation and stuff. I don’t want to talk about it. Give me a chance to explain before you make your decision. I am the only one who is supporting my family.”

Youssef also believes that his wife, also a Jersey City educator, was fired as consequences of the lawsuit.

While speaking to the board, he explained that if they proceed with the charges against his tenure, he will not be be able to provide for his family for the next 120 days.

He also admitted that his wife is dependent on his medical benefits for a medication that she would need to stay in good health.

“I’d love to speak with you guys, the board members only not the administration because there are some very sensitive materials somebody can go to jail for,” explained Youssef.

Several members of the community and the Jersey City Education Association also said they supported Youssef 100 percent in his ongoing battle against the school district.

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