LETTER: North Bergen BOE race was Wainstein’s worst showing to date


In a letter to the editor, Vision Media Marketing Vice President Philip Swibinski, the public relations firm of choice for state Senator/North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, says that Tuesday’s board of education election was his worst showing to date.Phil Swibinski

Dear editor,

Larry Wainstein lost his ninth North Bergen election earlier this week and despite his clumsy attempts at somehow spinning this into a win, the truth is that this was the worst showing he has produced yet.

Wainstein’s three candidates garnered only about 500 votes and were absolutely swamped by the ticket supported by Mayor Nick Sacco which received over 88% of the vote.

This happened despite Wainstein putting everything he had into supporting his candidates — he spent at least $100,000 on nine separate pieces of literature and numerous video attack ads and personally walked door to door.

None of that mattered, because the simple truth is that Larry Wainstein is less popular in North Bergen today than he was when he began his ridiculous vendetta against Mayor Sacco in 2011.

What will it take for Larry to finally realize that North Bergen voters will never support him? Does he have to lose an election 10-1? 20-1? 50-1? Or will he keep banging his head against a brick wall as long as Joe Mocco still tells him that someday he’ll win?

This election has proven three things — the first is that Mayor Sacco’s organization is firing on all cylinders and he has never been more popular. The second is that Larry Wainstein has no future in North Bergen.

The third is that Wainstein’s account of the last Mayor’s race is pure fiction and ignores that after spending $1.5 million he got less than 33% of the vote.

That is a landslide loss that only a convicted criminal like Joe Mocco or a conman like Larry Wainsten could try to spin into a positive outcome with a straight face. It’s like saying that the Titanic did well because it took a few hours to sink.

It’s time for Lying Larry to admit utter defeat, pack his bags and go back home to his mansion in Franklin Lakes.

Philip Swibinski

Vision Media Marketing Vice President

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