Team Bhalla supporting Decker in Hoboken’s 2nd Ward council race against Fisher


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his team are supporting Marla Decker in the 2nd Ward council race where he’ll looked to unseat Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

Hoboken 2nd Ward council candidate Marla Decker. Photo courtesy of the Decker for Hoboken council campaign.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I love this community and want to see it thrive. As a City Councilperson, I will be a bridge builder and problem solver, forging solutions, not creating counterproductive divisions and engaging in political grandstanding,” Decker said in a statement.

She outlined her priorities as neighborhood safety and maintenance issues, ensuring that community feedback shapes the design of the planned park at Union Dry Dock, securing upgrades on the waterfront at the former Monarch site, curbing flooding through the implementation of Rebuild by Design and other measures, and keeping Hoboken on a fiscally responsible path.

Decker has previously served as president of the Hudson Tea Condo Association, the treasurer of the Hoboken Democratic Committee, and a volunteer of the Hoboken Public Education Foundation. She is also a lawyer by trade.

“I strongly support Marla Decker for 2nd Ward Council because she is the kind of pragmatic problem-solver we need on the City Council,” added Bhalla.

“Marla’s smarts, new energy and ability to find common ground will make her a tremendous asset on the Council, better enabling us to keep Hoboken moving in the right direction.”

Additionally, Council President Emily Jabbour, the founder of the Hudson County chapter of Moms Demand Action, noted that Decker has been an “effective and active volunteer” for the organization.

“Marla Decker’s talent for bringing people together, her pragmatic, common-sense approach to solving problems, and her dedication to bringing about quality of life improvements for residents of the 2nd Ward and throughout Hoboken are exactly what we need. I enthusiastically endorse Marla Decker for 2nd Ward Council,” she stated.

Her campaign kickoff is scheduled for June 14th at 7p.m. at City Bistro, located 56 14th St.

Fisher, Bhalla’s most vocal critic on the council, is seeking her third term in the non-partisan November 7th contest and announced her candidacy via an email blast on Friday.

1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, who was first elected when Fisher was, has announced that he won’t run again, as HCV first reported, leaving Paul Presinzano as the only declared candidate in the downtown district for the time being.

4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos, a former state assemblyman, declared he’d be seeking another term last month, while Liz Urtecho has emerged as a challenger to Cohen.

Although they haven’t made any formal announcements yet, both 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo and 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino are both expected to seek re-election as well.

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  1. Who??

    If she doesn’t want to engage in political grandstanding why is she supporting Ravi? LMAOOOO

    Looks like Ravi is really struggling as he sees his stranglehold on our beloved city coming to an end with Paul in, Phil hopefully bounced, Russo flip-flop-flipping back to representing his constituents over Bhalla, and Sleepy Jim not even realizing what ordinance he’s voting on, or where he is physically.

    And the Wicked Witch of Hoboken West will have a tough time running for mayor in 2025!

    “Win Win”

  2. Have the Hoboken Dems filed an Elec in recent years? If we can’t trust her to do her responsibilities as treasurer now, how can we trust her with an actual elected office? Now to mention Marla’s obsession with the 300 mil HS referendum that ward 2 voted 70% against. Totally wrong for the ward , just another bhalla stooge.

    • Our sweet little Pavel has crawled out of his daddy Joe Branco’s kangaroo pouch to comment. Everyone is so happy to see you.

      It looks like the HDC has filed every year, but there seem to be some gaps in the filing of your elephant party. And speaking out gaping, where is your daddy’s elec report for his run for freeholder. I couldn’t imagine that daddy branco would hide anything from the voters

  3. Sheillah Dallara was the original 2nd ward candidate until Team Bhalla dumped her. I hope she still runs despite not having Mayor Bhalla’s endorsement.

    • Thank the lord she isn’t being supported by Ravi. But don’t worry, russo will have her on his strings trying to run.

      Go get her bankrupt Mikey!!

  4. OK we knew Mayor Bhalla would pay for someone, anyone to run against Councilwoman Tiffany Fisher unless you live in her her building this woman is totally unknown to the rest of the Second Ward.

  5. So Ravi has put up his rubber stamp for more big tax increases and to fill his political coffers with more incompetent overpaid staffers. No thanks. Councilwoman Fisher is just fine.

  6. Is Marla Decker going to fight with the community to stop the Ravi & Fulop weed shop?

    No she will not.

    Vote for Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher

  7. She was a huge advocate for the HHS, what do you expect from Ward 2? The voters there absolutely hated Decker’s support of the referendum. Even worse Decker tried to take credit for the Ukrainian refugee efforts, and then completely disappeared. Has she done anything but shill for her PTO friends?

  8. Whoa! I just got home from Chowpatty where my friend Satish Poondi and I were reminiscing about the Ravi fliers, and I found these sad comments about the talented Mr. Marla Decker.

    True, she works for an ambulance-chasing leech firm Lake Whillans who do the needful sucking blood in “litigation finance” (they take a cut of the money/blood when firms sue). But she also supports Ravi and he is brown! She will do the needful to ensure we have the same storytelling! She will protect us from the evil Christian white males. Please vote for her because we need her to protect us from the Jesus.

    Teek hai!

    • You should confirm with Tiff if she wants you going full-on racist this early in the campaign.

      Is this what you want “supporting” you Tiffanie Fisher? You own it now.

      • Put the race card away , it’s all white women running, would love to see bhalla run a non white person for once.

        • Love it when the magafluffers drag christian white males into their bs and then say other people are playing the race card. It’s just lucky for the world you people are so dumb.

          • You’re an empty vessel of white supremacy stupidity and think everyone is one person who is annoying you for not following the Ravibot line. What a dolt! Stay in JC and be a moron there. Cuck-a-doodle-doo!

          • There’s nothing more hilarious that an incel trying to use cuck as an insult.

            Becoming a cuck is the highest aspiration of an incel because it would mean someone had at least noticed them long enough to take their money and spend it with someone else.

            But alas, there was never enough revenue in the lime juicing trades to make that sad fantasy come true. Maybe you can pool your funds with the other basement washouts and form a cuck consortium.

    • Hey bigot, you aren’t helping the Bhalla Opposition with your blatant racism and fake names
      This is classic Horse Baiting

  9. Massive, nasty trolling on this board preceded Pavel’s crushing defeat. Keep it up trolls! lol

    Good luck Marla. I hear your ward is hungry for change.

  10. Because he needs more rubber stamp’s who will look the other way about the weed shop owners and not question the new recreation director and mayor about why they keep forgetting to announce any new summer Hoboken Recreation programs for kids older then 5. The wallace dads call this Recreation Zero. Can we get a count of what Jessica has added for summer? In my opinion and not mine alone this is one of the admin’s biggest failure’s to families at least the families who don’t have a 2nd home out of town.

  11. Turned out to be a crappy candidate. Merely repeating Bhalla talking points ad nauseam gets really tiresome. She ran a campaign calling Tiffanie divisive but she was the one proven divisive and largely unqualified.