State rules against raising the $177k salary of West New York superintendent


The State of New Jersey Office of Administrative Law has ruled against raising the $177,500 salary of West New York Superintendent of Schools Clara Brito Herrera, who blamed the result on Gov. Chris Christie.


After Hudson County View asked about the decision at Wednesday’s board of education meeting, Herrera responded “our governor does not know how to recognize the talents of superintendents.”

“And that is why we’re losing our high quality of superintendents of schools. But I decided that I wanted to stay in my town and take that pay cut. I decided to do that, regardless of what the decision was going to be, I will not leave this town or my five-year contract for any reason in the world because my job is not done here yet.”

As we first reported last year, Herrera filed a four-page complaint with the state Department of Education to rule on whether or not a tenured superintendent can have her salary reduced upon promotion.

Working as an assistant superintendent during the 2014-2015, Herrera earned a salary of $190,587, according to the complaint.

In Administrative Law Judge Leland McGee’s 15-page decision, rendered on August 31 and mailed out on September 1, he said that her tenure rights were never violated since she accepted a new position.

“Here, Herrera claims that reducing her salary to the maximum salary amounts for superintendents in West New York School District violated her tenure rights that she accrued as an Assistant Superintendent,” he wrote.

“However, the Board did not reduce Herrera’s compensation as an Assistant Superintendent. Instead, Herrera’s compensation was reduced when she took the job as Superintendent. The salary of a superintendent is governed by the standards set by the Commissioner, which include the maximum salary cap.”

The state Legislature voted to cap school superintendents at $177,500 back in 2011.

Herrera added that her goal is to put the West New York school district “on the map of the State New Jersey,” stating that school programs are becoming competitive again.

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  1. This woman has a lot of nerve to sit there and speak the way she does with a straight face. The only reason she’s in that position is because she is Roque’s puppet, just like the rest of the school board. Notice stupid Parkinson nodding his head and agreeing with her. She is neither qualified for nor deserving of the Superintendent’s position.

    Her previous position as Assistant Superintendent was created for her by Roque and co. just for being his campaign treasurer. Pay her almost 200,000 a year for an unnecessary position – money that could have been spent on education. Then she went straight to the head of the class when they forced out the previous superintendent. And she knew the salary was lower, but this was probably all part of a plan. Put her in power and give Roque complete control of the school board, then try to get her old salary back. I guess they couldn’t bribe this judge.

    What a disgrace. These greedy, disgusting, hypocrites pretend to care about children and education. They only care about serving themselves and the corrupt dictator who runs town hall. Let’s see how much the school district improves in the next 5 years while she’s in charge.

  2. Clara Herrera is an embarrassment to education. SHe says that she is staying because the job isn’t done. If the job is bankrupting the district and carrying out the Roque vendettas, then yes she is still not done. She is right about putting us on the map but it is for how bad the district is doing and how our town is a circus. And she has the nerve to ask for more money. Maybe she can take it from her daughters 90k salary after working for one year. All while the teachers get scraps thrown at them and are ridiculed and treated like crap. She needs to get a few more incompetent people around her before she is ready to go. Don’t let the phony words fool you, this women is pure evil and the most vindictive person around. And she really has no clue what she’s doing. It’s a terrible thing that is happening to our students and teachers. But just look at who she associates with, the criminal roque himself. What a joke.

  3. Great question/reporting John!

    WNYBOE will be keeping Brito Herrera’ talents especially since it seems like the WNYBOE has found a loophole to give Brito Herrera a raise. As stated in the last board meeting minutes

    “The WNYBOE has entered into an employment contract with Clara Herrera, Superintendent of Schools; and WHEREAS, said contract allows the Superintendent to earn a bonus for achieving enumerated qualitative and/or quantitative goals”

    What are these goals and how much will they pay? John do we need an OPRA request to find out?