Save Our Schools West New York BOE slate emerges ahead of Nov. 8 election


With a month to go before the November 8 West New York Board of Education race, the Save Our Schools team has emerged to challenge the Mayor Felix Roque-backed Children First slate.

The West New York Save Our Schools BOE slate. Left to right: Alex Navas, Melinda Saunders and Ron Scheurle.
The West New York Save Our Schools BOE slate. Left to right: Alex Navas, Melinda Saunders and Ron Scheurle.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am running to help the children and WNYEA members. Not the local politicians,” Ron Scheurle, a local funeral home director, said in a statement.

In a news release, the SOS team said they firmly believes that there is a need to create a much safer environment for the children and West New York Education Association members.

“Having worked in the private sector for years, I have seen first-hand how vitally important the financials are. At the moment our school employees have their hands tied – not speaking up in fear since they do not have a contract and they are not being given the tools they need to succeed,” Melinda Saunders, a supply chain manager and mother of two, said in the same statement.

“Although they have shown incredible dignity, we need to let our teachers get back to teaching.”

The West New York teachers have been without a contract for 15 months and although another negotiation meeting is scheduled for October 12, it appears unlikely an agreement will be reached before the election.

Following the results of recent water tests, the slate is also pushing for independent third party inspections of not only the water, but also mold and asbestos in the school buildings.

“It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. We keep hearing from parents that they are unaware these meetings exist. The more parental involvement we have, the better it is for West New York’s children and the WNYEA,” added Alex Navas, a Town Hall employee and the president of a local Salvadorian community organization.

“The other main focus of the SOS platform will be for responsible budgeting and to increase the level of transparency.”

Navas is also the significant other of current West New York BOE Trustee Lorena Portillo.

Overall, the SOS team aims to increase parent engagement and the widespread use of letters and robocalling to invite the town’s parents to attend PTA and board of education meetings.

The slate also hopes to negotiate a shared services agreement between the town and the BOE, as well as to ensure the BOE negotiates fair contracts with outside vendors.

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  1. This “Save Our Schools” slate will give voters a real opportunity to vote for intelligent, independent people who want to serve the school district, rather than Roque. Everyone should vote for Navas, Saunders and Scheurle.

    This is a great chance to reject Roque’s puppets, Parkinson, Alcantara and Morel, and vote for positive change for the school system. “Children First” really means “Roque First”. Get rid of these Roque cronies.

  2. You work for Roque and you come here to spread rumors like you did with when Wiley was running. At the end Roque couldn’t buy Wiley and it was proven that there were only rumors. Like your doing now. I am here to work for the children of West New York nobody else.