Stack calls Trump’s immigration order ‘a disgrace’ in front of Union City mosque


State Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack called President Donald Trump’s (R) immigration order “a disgrace,” later declaring Union City one of the safest sanctuary cities around, during a fiery speech at a mosque rally.


Hosted at the North Hudson Islamic Educational Center on Cottage Place, many religious leaders from different faiths gave their thoughts on President Donald Trump during the course of the program.

“Most religious leaders in our country, almost to a person, Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, Buddhist, Bahá’í, stand together and say ‘Mr. President, keep your religious preferences,'” said Rev. Eugene Squeo, the Hudson County Brotherhood/Sisterhood Association founder who also spoke at a Jersey City rally on Monday.

“‘We don’t think that people should be accepted into our country because of their religious affiliation, people should be accepted because of their human needs.'”

Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner praised the diversity of Hudson County before stating that he believes travel bans come to fruition “based on fear” and “political purposes.”

“I do not believe that travel bans are to protect us, that’s based on fear. They are there for political purposes only … The young lady’s hijab says it all: we’re all American,” stated Turner, pointing out a Muslim woman’s American flag hijab.

West New York Mayor Felix Roque, who was born in Cuba, said “we’re all the son of God” and should be able to co-exist as such.

Additionally, North Bergen Commissioner Hugo Cabrera expressed a similar sentiment when he said “we’re all part of one.”

Stack was fired up when describing Trump’s immigration order as “a disgrace,” later declaring that Union City is one of the safest sanctuary cities around.

“If in my lifetime somebody ever told me we would have this happening in the United States, I would say that they were crazy. To see the [immigration] ban take place is a disgrace,” Stack said.

“You know what’s more of a disgrace? It wasn’t about who was running for president, but the fact that we had so many people in this country vote for somebody who spews hate the way he spews hate and takes the action he takes is a sad commentary.”

Stack added that everyone, especially the Muslim community, should be getting involved “at every level of government in this country,” again calling Trump a disgrace for his demeanor towards the Arab-American and Hispanic communities.

He concluded by not only declaring Union City a sanctuary city, but even inviting the family members of illegal immigrants to come live in the urban North Hudson municipality.

“Union City, we’ve declared this many, many years ago, is a sanctuary city, but if you have family members looking for a place to go, bring them to Union City,” Stack proclaimed.

Stack’s bold remarks came only about an hour after Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop signed an executive order declaring JC a sanctuary city.

Sanctuary cities face the possibility of having some of their federal funding cut, but the Trump administration has not taken such an action anywhere in the country yet.

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  1. Union City is already one of the most overpopulated cities in America and this idiot is urging more people to come,maybe they should move in with you in your rent control apartment. What a joke. Obviously, he either needs more school funding for the patronage jobs or more volunteers to distribute his disgraceful propaganda. Mayor, you do a great job keeping the poor, the uneducated, and umeployed in the dark. Keep up the good work, buddy.

  2. Stack you should be ashamed of yourself your father Eddie must be turning over in his grave to see the way your acting these Muslim’s if they want there freedom why did they not stay in there country & fight for it like our forefathers most are cowards & very sneaky so watch your back & your mouth it will come back to bite you ok