Sources: Romano taps Fonseca to run Hoboken freeholder re-election campaign


Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) has pegged veteran political operative Pablo Fonseca to run his freeholder re-election campaign, multiple sources exclusively told Hudson County View.

Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) speaks at Ward 2 Council candidate Peter Biancamano's fundraiser at Lola's Tapas Bar on September 17, 2015. Pablo Fonseca, far left, also pictured in the background.
Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5) speaks at Ward 2 Council candidate Peter Biancamano’s fundraiser at Lola’s Tapas Bar on September 17, 2015. Pablo Fonseca, far left, also pictured in the background.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Romano, who raged against the machine and beat the Hudson County Democratic Organization’s pick of Phil Cohen in the June 2014 Democratic primary, will be seeking another term on the freeholder board in 2017.

Also the current Hoboken Democratic Committee chairman, the retired city police captain has been long rumored to challenger Dawn Zimmer for the mayor’s seat – something a good number of political observers are banking on next year.

However, sources say Romano, whose district also includes the Jersey City Heights, isn’t making a firm commitment to such a showdown unless he is able to again definitively secure a spot on the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Fonseca, an ex-chief of staff to then-Newark Mayor Cory Booker and former West New York spokesman, made his first foray into Mile Square City politics this past fall, where Hoboken Board of Education Trustee Peter Biancamano made a failed bid for the Ward 2 Council seat.

At Biancamano’s campaign kickoff event at Lola’s Tapas Bar on September 17, Romano introduced Fonseca to the room as “a successful gentleman and good friend.”

A relatively new political presence in Hudson County, Fonseca has found a high level of success in West New York, running Mayor Felix Roque’s re-election campaign last year, as well as playing a pivotal role in getting six of the town’s past seven candidates for the board of education voted in.

Romano and Fonseca did not immediately return calls seeking comment, but multiple sources are expecting Fonseca’s addition to the team to be announced at Romano’s March 1 fundraiser at the Smokin’ Barrel bar – if not sooner.

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  1. For all i can tell nothing has changed at the hudson county level relating to taxes being assessed on Hoboken? Mr. Romano has done zero after multiple requests by the public that an audit be conducted of hudson county finances? He doesn’t have my vote and if you pay taxes in Hoboken, he shouldn’t have your vote…

    • The City politicos also refused a petition to have an audit of misspending on Capital Projects. Watch the ustream videos, they spend large sums of tax dollars without prior approval. Competent muni administration have joint governance – not battles. The CIty of Hoboken regularly refuse joint efforts. Last year we sat under 10 days of snow because the Mayor refused the County’s assistance in snow clearing. FYI, it was the County who cleared the year before in 2014. It is the City the conducts demonization campaigns and violates campaign state laws.

      • Proud of you. This post was during daylight hours. Now get to bed before midnight and no more 3 am postings. A good nights sleep can only make mental health better for people.

      • So you agree, Melissa Blanco, that Anthony Romano’s failure to press for a full audit of county finances is a serious betrayal of the public trust. Otherwise why would you equate his behavior with those of an administration you so openly and thoroughly hate.

        So for once we agree completely — Anthony Romano has done an absolutely abysmal job fighting for transparency for taxpayers. I’m certain, since you are just soooo ethically consistent, that you’ll join me in working for ending the term of the man whose conduct you equate with the worst administration you have ever seen. After all your city taxes were flat. Your county taxes went up 25%.

        • She can agree to be against corruption and bad government practices. She’s 100% cross-eyed on it means should be held accountable. She likes the crooks and they cope with her, sorta.

          They cringe when she talks about Vote-by-Mail corruption and other matters publicly at a council meeting. She never gets the hint though. Absolutely daft as in completely and makes Patty look like a rocket scientist.

          Everyone knows Patty is up to no good and all about cashing in on “the people” with her boss Carmelo but the other one is a raving loon barking at the moon. Hopefully her dogs don’t lose sleep when she does.

  2. Hey, Stick is gearing up for his run for mayor already? Well here we go! Pablo did so good in the second ward last time, he certainly should be able to do a lot better for Stick in all of Hoboken this time!

    None of this can happen without clearance from Patty Waiters and Melissa Blanco. They are the decision makers in Hoboken.

  3. Stick is very big with unions. The last thing the unions want to hear is that he is asking where all the money is going. As long as he doesn’t do that, he will keep getting re-elected with heavy labor support, and your taxes will keep going up with no questions asked by your freeholder.

    It’s a death spiral essentially. Not unlike the dirtbags stick has gotten added to the BOE.

    People talk about what a congenial fellow stick is. They need to look past that to the more important fact: this wealthy resident of subsidized housing with a bar, real estate and multiple pensions is an absolute cancer for Hoboken.