Sources: FBI visited Union City Board of Education building twice last week


While details remain scarce at the moment, multiple sources have revealed to Hudson County View that the FBI visited the Union City Board of Education building on Thursday and Friday of last week. 


Multiple sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said that the FBI visited the Union City Board of Education headquarters on 3912 Bergen Turnpike on Thursday and Friday of last week, though no one would confirm or deny what the investigation was about.

Back on March 31, Johnny Garces, a former Union City Board of Education trustee, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to causing $400,000 in losses to the Union City Community Development Agency by rigging the contractor selection process.

Garces worked in the CDA department of Union City City Hall until about a month ago, resigning days before his guilty plea.

He was allegedly involved in a scheme that allowed contractors Joseph Lado and Leovaldo Fundora to obtain CDA contracts funded by monies from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Union City Board of Education spokesman Joe Lauro declined to comment, while multiple employees from the FBI press office also declined to comment when reached by Hudson County View.

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  1. Haha ! Your sources suck ! Another reason why I never take this news seriously. I work at the board so whoever reported it to you is obviously misleading you ! That’s great ! It was an internal audit ordered by people from the top to clean up the dogs at the bottom.. Probably the same people that fed you the misinformation. Just saying…

    • I wouldn’t publish something if I wasn’t 100 percent confident it was accurate. It is certainly possible an audit was being performed, but that doesn’t automatically disqualify this information if you think about it. Obviously, we aren’t going to agree on this one, so I’ll keep it short and say the truth always comes out in time.

  2. Sorry. I have to agree with the BOE employee who challenged your reporting. You included video from an FBI raid in West New York to make it look like Union City last week. Shame on you and your lack of integrity and professionalism.

    • ? It seems like we’re talking about two completely different things here. For starters, there’s no way to prove who an anonymous commenter is or isn’t, but that’s neither here nor there. The meat of the issue is I have no idea what video you’re referencing. There is no “raid” in the video accompanying this story: it’s footage of some FBI agents standing around conversing amongst themselves. I think it’s pretty apparent they aren’t in front of the UC BOE, or else I would’ve made that clear with the camera angle. But if there was any doubt, there are big, bold, letters identifying that clip as “File Footage.” Every network you can name uses file footage, I’ve used this clip tag least 20 times and no one’s ever complained before, so I strongly encourage you to watch this clip again.

    • Hahahaha, that’s incredible that wrote that. I have a tripod and a couple cameras and don’t own a selfie stick, but this remark was hysterical for me. Thank you

  3. In response to Mr. Thruth, Mr. Asado and Mr. Dominicano….Mr. Heinis, maybe the above commentators should ask the following people: 1) Tony Dracona, Acting Board Secretary and business administrator. 2) Sylvia Abato, Superintendent of School 3) Lois Corrigan, Asistant Superintendent 4) Justin Mercado, Director of Facilities 5) Christina Hunt, Comptroller 6) Carl, the computer guy…7) Victor Grullon..

  4. John keep the good work! word is that the Pepto Bismol ran out at the local pharmacies in Union City, Justin was seem with pampers walking around City Hall….Brian is all smiles and telling everyone nothing is going on…. but the smell of diarrhea is bad!!! Where is Phil??

  5. Listen, I worked for the Board of Education for many yrs. There has been know FBI investigation, and you took a film of the board then you took a clip from your film feuds of the year 2014. Not only did you not get your facts straight. But your not all that creative either. You guys are just haters.

    • I explained the film used here in detail so I’m not going to do it again, but I will add that just because nobody filmed the FBI walking in and out of the building, doesn’t mean they weren’t there. I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning and nobody filmed that, it still happened.

    • You’re either missing the point or choosing to ignore it. What I’m getting at is countless events occur in everyday life when a camera isn’t rolling, that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

  6. Johanna, if this did not happen why Brian Stack is not denying it? Why he is not making a big deal out of it like he always does? But Johanna we know you are not too clean yourself!! what is that you been giving out all this years to have a not show at the Board of Education. 😉 … tick tock tick tock…. the time is coming!!

  7. Johanna, It seems to me that you are getting upset. Are you admiting that you are breaking the law? Because remember, for you and Brian Stack to defend yourself against the “man in black” is around 1500 dollars an hour. Can you and Brian afford this? Will the board of education paid for attorneys like they did with Chief Everett?Lo que pasa es que tu estas viejita y no te estan dando una buena mandanga!

  8. Your story is misleading. You blended two stories into one. You used Wny fbi footage and then you talked about an ex board member which had nothing to do with your story. You are a bad reporter.

  9. I actually dealt with Johnny Garces, as an inspector for the city he suck never did anything to make an improvement on the complaints giving. Got pay by landlords to look the other way. It wouldn’t surprise me if this rat actually did this. Lmao the FBI should really look hard at other official employees in every department in Union City, they may uncover a hole ball game of corruption at the highest lever. City Hall and the police department along with the DPW department have a lot of skeletons in there closet