Sources: FBI visited Hudson County Sheriff’s Office earlier this month


Multiple sources, who spoke to Hudson County View under the condition of anonymity, confirmed that the FBI paid a visit to the office, located at 567 Pavonia Avenue, regarding a matter that had nothing to do with a cooperative law enforcement effort between the Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.


Furthermore, several sources indicated that at least a few Sheriff’s Office employees were interviewed about recent no bids contracts that pertained to work for the department.

At the September 11 meeting of the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders, District 2 Freeholder Bill O’ Dea went off on a tangent about a resolution for a $12,000 no bid contract for Vision Media marketing, which would be used to revamp the Sheriff’s Office website.

After about an hour of back-and-forth with Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari’s Chief of Staff, Bob Baselice, the board decided to table the matter. Several members of the freeholder board have subsequently confirmed that the Vision Media bid has since been withdrawn at a meeting of the freeholders’ Public Safety Committee – which was was not open to the public.

Shortly after our story ran, Vision Media spokesman Phil Swibinski told us that: “In recent years, we have significantly developed our web design capabilities and we believe that our services compare favorably to most any other vendor in the field. We look forward to this matter being resolved to the satisfaction of all parties and continuing our service to the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office.” 

While Baselice did not return calls seeking comment, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mike Makarski, also of Vision Media, told Hudson County View that “The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office works closely with many of the federal law enforcement agencies. We have several detectives assigned to the FBI,” neither confirming or denying an FBI presence at the department on or about October 16.

Furthermore, FBI spokeswoman Barbra Woodruff told Hudson County View in an email that “I cannot comment on, or confirm or deny, what your sources have told you.”


  1. I trust Hudson County Government about as far as I can throw it, but you guys need to learn what "news" is. One law enforcement visited another for an unknown reason is not news, and enough reporting like this could turn you into the "boy who cried wolf" if you ever do get something. Pick and choose.

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