Jersey City’s Jesse Jackson making a positive impact through Gladiator Track Club


Lifelong Jersey City resident Jesse Jackson and his Gladiator Track Club hosted the 2nd annual Gladiator Cross Country Classic in Lincoln Park on a beautiful Sunday morning.


Jackson, whose influence spreads far beyond Jersey City’s borders, spoke about the origins of his organization and things being doing outside of track. Supporters – including a former track star, a fellow coach, and parents who came to the event – also spoke with Hudson County View about Jackson’s positive impact on people.

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  1. Jesse Jackson and the Gladiator Track Club have been a great resource for children in Jersey City and throughout the state of New Jersey. Jesse Jackson has provided opportunities for both of my daughters to participate in several local track meets. Through his networking and recruitment efforts, Jesse was instrumental in getting my oldest daughter admitted to NJCU through their track program. For this I will always be grateful.

  2. As one of, perhaps many parents affiliated with Coach Jesse Jackson, whenever Coach Jackson hosts a track meet, he brings not only our youth together, but Coaches, former High School Athletes, various City professionals and politicalians, together. I’ve noticed the atmosphere of unity and the hope of progress in this arena. Not many people possess this kind of particular gift of bringing people together from different walks of life and uniting them.

    You can tell how much of himself he gives when asking so little. He does it for the kids and the community. I wish there were a vast number of Politicians in Wahington, that were more like him, this country could surely take a chapter out of His book!