Sources: Boggiano mulling bid for Hudson County Executive


Sources have informed Hudson County View that Jersey City Councilman Richard Boggiano is strongly considering adding his name to the 2015 Hudson County Executive race.

In an exclusive to Hudson County View, sources close to Jersey City Councilman Richard Boggiano have confirmed that he is seriously considering a challenge to incumbent Tom DeGise in the 2015 Hudson County Executive race.

Boggiano, who represents Jersey City’s Ward C on the city council, which includes Journal Square and the county courthouse area, has been vocal for months about his opposition to the county’s plans surrounding the building of a new courthouse.

In an early July interview with Hudson County View, Boggiano spoke at-length about his grievances with the county’s economic plan taking place in his ward.

DeGise responded to Boggiano’s criticism at a press conference, where he picked up three more endorsements for his re-election.

Boggiano’s potential candidacy would certainly not be good news for District 2 Freeholder Bill O’Dea, long considered the only potential challenger to DeGise. In a recent interview with Hudson County View O’Dea said “it’s still early” in regards to the election.

Regardless of how early it is, Boggiano entering the mix would certainly force O’Dea to reconsider his chances of winning. A united Jersey City will be crucial to any challenger, given that DeGise has the backing of North Hudson’s two state senators, North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco and Union City Mayor Brian Stack, as well as three other North Hudson mayors and all of West Hudson’s mayors.

It should be noted that in the 2014 Democratic Primary for Hudson County Freeholder, candidates backed by those mayors were all victorious, with 3 out of 4 winning contested elections, receiving nearly 13,000 votes combined.

Having two candidates with the ability to gain thousands of votes in Jersey City would certainly increase DeGise’s chances of victory, who himself is from the Jersey City Heights and was once a Jersey City councilman.

If O’Dea were to run with the backing of Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, and Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, as well as organized labor, he would certainly pose a formidable challenge to DeGise.

Boggiano entering the race could end that potential coalition though, as some mayors might be scared about political retribution from the Hudson County Democratic Organization if DeGise were to be re-elected.

Would Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who told PolitickerNJ that he would support O’Dea if he chooses to run, change his mind knowing O’Dea would likely lose in a three-way race? Certainly he wouldn’t want to anger the HCDO leadership, whose support he will need in the 2017 Democratic Primary for Governor.

Whether Boggiano or O’Dea, or both, ultimately run, it’s clear that the buzz around the 2015 Hudson County Democratic Primary for County Executive has certainly started.

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  1. Fulop should not need the blessing of all the hudson county mayors. If thats really the case the people of hudson are really freaking mindless sheep people. Then they wonder why have a five figure tax bill. Its because you let this antediluvian machinery exist you morons.

  2. The machine knows how to manipulate – presumably all legally. Sophisticated pay to play and negative campaigning that skirts the law. Check the profiles of those elected, their so called strategist and the pot election jobs and contracts awarded. The players have a long history of gaming.