Sheriff: Secaucus gas station can’t sell premium gas, fined $18k for fuel scheme


The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office Weights and Measures Division fined a Secaucus gas station $18,000 and barred them from selling premium gas after determining the station was engaging in a fuel scheme, according to Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari. 

Schillari Secaucus

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The Shell Gas station, located at Route 3 East and Flanagan Way in Secaucus, was fined and banned from selling premium gas after tests revealed that their premium gas had octane levels comparable to regular and mid-grade gasoline, Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari said.

“Fuel station owners that are trying to pass off regular gasoline as higher octane fuel to make larger profit from unknowing drivers will be caught in Hudson County,” Schillari said in a statement.

“Our Weights and Measures Division is here to protect the consumer. Those who try to cheat will get caught and will be fined substantially.”

He added that along with the $18,000 fine, the owner of the gas station also has a mandated court appearance.

The gasoline at the gas station was tested yesterday by the Division of Weights & Measures and sent out to an independent lab for additional tests, which confirmed the low level of octane in the station’s premium gas, Schillari further explained.

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  1. Well is this civil charges or something? What about criminal charges? The article doesn’t say anything about him being charges or actually what he was charged with. If it’s civil that’s not right. He needs criminal charges BUT, of course MONEY talks. I’m sure he made a ton of money and he pissed out the $18,000.

    • It’s a summons: selling regular to mid-grade fuel as premium gas. I agree the situation is a little confusing though, I’ve never heard of a Weights and Measures Division action being publicized before.