2nd Hoboken Council debate showcases bad blood in 1st and 4th Wards


The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition hosted their second debate, this time for City Council candidates in the 1st, 3rd (uncontested) and 4th Wards, showcasing the bad blood between them as November 3 draws near. 


In one instance, when asked about the city’s budget and spending, Ward 4 Council candidate Ruben Ramos said the budget surplus would be better spent on infrastructure improvements.

Tim Occhipinti, the incumbent in Ward 4, returned heavy fire at his old foe Ramos – attacking his track record from when he was on the City Council.

However, Ramos wasn’t about to take that one lying down.

Dana Wefer, who is also challenging Ramos and Occhipinti, also went on the offensive after Occhipinti said her promise to lower taxes “on a shiny flyer” was a political tactic.

Wefer also took a strong stance that despite the criticisms, bonding is a “responsible” and “fair” thing to do since it typically grants infrastructure repairs that will last for generations.

Ward 3 Councilman Michael Russo, who is running unopposed, lobbied for initiatives such as Hoboken residents no longer having to pay for parking and was a big advocate on building more affordable housing.

Ward 1 Council candidate Mike DeFusco, who has been running a no holds barred campaign thus far, consistently went after Councilwoman Theresa Castellano’s voting record over the past two decades.

Castellano, whose no stranger to a political throw down, made sure she went out with a bang when delivering her closing remarks.

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  1. DeFusco would be a welcome change for the 1st ward and fora ll of Hoboken

    Here are just some recent ways Castellano has completely screwed over Hoboken, courtesy of the Grafix Avenger!

    Funding Hoboken’s 9-11 memorial?
    Terry voted, “NO.” Castellano has caused unconscionable delays in the construction of Hoboken’s 9-11 Memorial.

    A $5.5 M bond ordinance to keep hospital from closing?
    Terry voted, “NO.” Castellano forced Governor Christie to step in and provide the $5.5 million bond from state funds. .

    Bonding for a traffic light at 1600 park so the new soccer field could open?
    Terry voted, “NO.” Castellano delayed the opening of the soccer field forcing Hoboken kids to schlep to Weehawken to play.

    A free midtown garage bond refinance, required when the City’s public asset (our hospital), was sold to a private buyer (Holdco).
    Terry voted, “NO.” Castellano cost taxpayers $4.5 million by refusing the cost-free refi.

    Ordinances to allow eminent domain to acquire land for NW/SW parks?
    Terry voted, “NO.” The ordinances passed- no thanks to Castellano.

    Replacing 5 HOP buses and a “bucket truck” damaged by Sandy?
    Terry voted, “NO.” Castellano’s mean-spirited “NO” caused a reduction in HOP service, used widely by Hoboken’s elderly.

    Bond for Sandy repairs to Pier C park?
    Terry voted, “NO.” Castellano delayed the re-opening of the park for months, shutting out children and families from using the popular park.

  2. HAHAHAH, Dana, wohooo!!! load with debt is fair. Ask our bail out neighbors from Wall St. sure THEY think it is fair! Did she mention our debt load is attached to a volatile measure AND we keep using that credit card for nonessential work If it were road paving but KAYAKS?

    • Melissa we need you to see a psychiatrist ASAP .. Please no more drinking and blogging , no more drinking and talking in public .. You need help .. And to get away from Terri / Russo .. They are so rotten .. So corrupt .. And so are you !!

  3. That funding that DeFusco and Tiffanie take are coordinated from a Zimmer hired campaign source indicted for money laundering. She also has Bhalla, w pay to play violations, as her treasurer. Defusco represent himself as independent, takes money and spouts sound bites all from Zimmer. Come back when you grow up young man and get some government education and experience before trying again. Large douses of integrity would help also.

    • Who’s turn is it to watch Melissa? Will someone get her to a doctor and have her medication properly adjusted?

      She accuses the people cleaning up the corruption of being corrupt. She accuses the people fighting against voter fraud of voter fraud.

      She accuses the people fighting outright criminals trying to get control of Hoboken again as being criminals.


    • Oh Mel B!!! I hope you are collecting rent from Zimmer and Bhalla for all that space they take up in your brain.

      Have a great weekend and enjoy your 12:01 am “post on hoboken reporter website” ritual. I would argue that you should go out and see if you can meet some human friends but to each his own

      Enjoy the weekend!!

  4. There are few greater gifts to reform than the reflexive, unreflective, defamatory, undocumented, indecipherable, “I hate everything about Zimmer” remarks of Melissa Blanco.

    It tells everyone all they need to know about the opposition: desperate and hateful, but no ideas.

    Keep em coming, Melissa!