Shaneen Allen talks about her nightmare ordeal with NJ gun laws


Over the summer, Shaneen Allen, a single mother of two young boys living in South Philadelphia, gained national notoriety for her legal troubles due to New Jersey’s draconian gun control laws.

Shaneen Allen spoke with Hudson County View about her ordeal, starting with why she decided to legally obtain a firearm in the first place.

One week after acquiring her firearm, Allen was pulled over in Atlantic County for an illegal lane shift during a trip to celebrate her son’s birthday. That’s when her legal nightmare began.

She followed up by talking about how her life has been ruined by the criminal charges brought against her, adding why she felt having the right to carry a firearm was so important to her as a woman.

Allen also spoke out about the lack of support from public figures she thought would help her, as well as specifically thanking all the organizations, supporters, and politicians that she didn’t expect to stand with her.

Since the recording of this interview, the prosecutor in the case, who happened to be the same prosecutor for Ray Rice, facing immense national scrutiny, admitted Shaneen Allen into a pre-trial intervention program. Today Shaneen is essentially a free woman, as she will avoid jail time and a felony conviction.

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  1. Racist? Of course it's racist. Nobody in America is more racist than liberal Democrats. And nothing infuriates liberal Democrat Massas more than a black who leaves the plantation. The overseers threw this sweet lady under the bus and have not lifted a finger to defend her civil rights bc she is using her civil rights to do something other than riot, loot, rob, etc. The shakedown artists like Sharpton and Jackson ignored her plight bc they…ultimately….are loyal to the white supremacist liberal Democrat establishment that sticks money in their pocket and microphones in their faces.

  2. Hopefully she can complete the PTI and be free of this nightmare.

    I trust she will remain active in the fight to get all woman in Camden, Jersey City and all those other communities she mentions, the same rights to self defense all women can enjoy right across the river.

  3. Thankfully, NJ is offering PTI. From what I read, that leaves her without a record. I listened carefully while she asked "where is Al Sharpton" among others. Welcome to the awful truth, Ms. Allen. You don't make points with him or the other knuckleheads who fail, every day, to truly support persons of color.

  4. Its a darn shame you need the local Sheriff to sign off to get a hand gun in Hudson. In other words unless you drive a brinks truck… you aint getting one …

    Jersey is the worst at a LOT of things corruption (95% of hudson county officials), property taxes, and gun laws.

    Some of the most Draconian gun laws in the country.