Documents: WNY provides busing to waterfront, owes BOE over $16k


Hudson County View has obtained copies of the shared services agreements to provide busing to waterfront residents between the town of West New York and the board of education from last year and this year. An invoice reveals that the town owes the BOE over $16,000 for last year’s agreement.

A shared services agreement between the town of West New York and the board of education providing busing for students that live on the waterfront was made official last summer, with the same agreement being approved in 2014.

However, a June 24, 2014 invoice from the BOE indicates that the town isn’t living up to their end of the bargain, due to an outstanding bill of $16,148.33.

According to the shared services agreement from August 21, 2013, “The Board agrees to permit the Town to use a passenger bus for its community services, specifically and for these purposes only, to prove transportation to school age residents who reside in the residences along the Hudson River during the term for this Agreement, September 1, 2013 though June 30, 2014.”

The total amount to be paid for the service is listed as $31,425, meaning the town still owes just under half of last year’s outstanding balance.

The document is signed by town clerk Carmela Riccie, Mayor Felix Roque, Board of education secretary Kevin Franchetta and then-BOE President Adrienne Sires.

The agreement for the current school year, made official on July 14, is nearly identical – besides the fact that the agreement is for the time frame between September 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015, as well as the fact then-BOE President Vilma Reyes signed off on this document.

In a story exclusive to Hudson County View last week, town attorney Donald Scarinci and Superintendent of Schools John Fauta traded barbs over the ongoing controversy of whether of not school children will have a new bus route to St. Joseph of the Palisades (the former high school), located at 5400 Broadway.

Those students used to attend Harry L. Bain school, located at 6200 Broadway, but it was announced in February that they would be transferred due to renovations at the elementary school.

Speaking to Hudson County View, Fauta said the town had an outstanding bill of about $16,000 to provide school busing to waterfront residents.

Town Spokesman Pablo Fonseca was not immediately able to comment on the situation, but this story will be updated in the event a comment is given.

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  1. Thank you John Heinis for reporting this important story.It is very interesting that former board President Adrienne Sires, the wife of Congressman Albio Sires signed the original shared services agreement, as when her husband was WNY Mayor, he signed a redeveloper agreement with Roseland/Port Imperial, LLC, obligating WNY to provide bus transportation to ALL (Long term property tax abated, school tax exempt households WNY public school attending children.