Sgt. Henry Marrero talks ‘eliminating career politicians’ in North Bergen


North Bergen Police Sgt. Henry Marrero spoke with Hudson County View about his candidacy for the May 12 municipal election, where he’s seeking office to “eliminate career politicians,” do away with township vehicles and create more job, among several other ideas.


Marrero spoke about a variety of topics, including why he decided to seek office again after being soundly defeated by District 8 Freeholder Anthony Vainieri in last year’s June 3rd Democratic primary election.

Despite previous rumors that he would replace North Bergen Department of Public Works Commissioner Frank Gargiulo on Mayor Nick Sacco’s ticket, or be a surprise candidate on challenger Larry Wainstein’s slate, Marrero told Hudson County View that he never planned on running with anyone but himself in this election.

In the middle of the grudge match between Sacco and Wainstein, Marrero said he plans on remaining positive and focusing on tangible issues for North Bergen residents.

I also asked Marrero why he asked to conduct the interview near the construction site at James J. Braddock Park.

Finally, Marrero ended by saying the state Attorney General’s raid on the North Bergen Department of Parks and Recreation one week ago was “embarrassing”.

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  1. Heinis, you sound like you have a cold. This dude is a God send. He sure is saying all the right things. I hope he is planning on retiring from the Police Dept if he wins. He’s got a rough road ahead doing this with no bigshots for support.

  2. Wow Henry You’ve Aged!!!! You say Anthony is a small man but do u recall by how much he defeated you by!! Let’s not go there shall we!!! No need to bring up our new and wonderful freeholder who’s already doing so much for us

    • What has Venieri done for any of us lately? Besides acting like his clients at the funeral home…a dead corpse!? It’s very sad that this community can’t even come together as one any more! It was so nice to live in NB 25 yrs ago, now it’s a community and town I am ashamed to live in.

  3. Finally, the era of smoking mirrors and appearances; more words than actions are near its end… Contemporary times calls for Marrero in office to be the catalysts of action and less words.

  4. Hey John your suppose to be a reporter and not take sides why is it you delete comments about Henry but keep up the ones trashing Anthony!!!!! Not very professional is it!!!’

  5. henry i wish you the best of luck….ur opponent last year is the biggest racist..people forget he used to and STILL does make fun of middleeastern and indian people and spanish…he forgets people hes known years ago remember that…keep hiding behind the chief all of a sudden there best friends