North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco takes aim at Larry Wainstein’s slate


During a sit-down interview with Hudson County View last week, North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco took a no holds barred approach to the May 12 municipal election, setting his crosshairs on Larry Wainstein’s “Lower Taxes Time for Change” ticket.


Sacco, who became commissioner in 1985, admitted that this was one of the more vicious elections he’s been involved with. Sacco also alleged that Wainstein’s camp has been promising senior citizens they would lower rent if elected.

Additionally, Sacco stated he wanted to make a statement on Election Day and hopes that the people of North Bergen recognize what his administration has accomplished in the past three decades.

He also referenced what he called a ”race-baiting” flyer from Wainstein, questioning the annual fee to use the township swimming pool.

The Lower Taxes Time for Change slate declined to immediately comment when reached by Hudson County View, but said they may respond later in the week.

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    • Oh c’mon, let’s relax with the conspiracy theories. The Wainstein camp decline to comment, for now, but if they call me saying they want to respond, I’ll definitely give them the opportunity. And just yesterday I did an interview with Sgt. Henry Marrero where he was critical of the administration, so every candidate who wants their voice heard – North Bergen or elsewhere – gets a fair shake with me.

  1. I agree with what the Mayor says about the pool to some extent but . . . why don’t we have a day pass for people that cannot afford to pay for the whole season? Even, do it Monday to Thursday only so the season pass holders can have more room during the weekends. Ask for a proof of address as they do in other tows. Work it out, if there is a will there is a way.