North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco’s team celebrates victory at 90 Park Restaurant


North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco’s re-election team pulled off a clean sweep Tuesday night after a hard-fought, aggressive campaign against longtime rival Larry Wainstein’s slate.


At a packed house inside 90 Park Restaurant, dignitaries on hand included Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari, Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano, former West New York Mayor Sal Vega, Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner, former United States ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy and Hunterdon County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Arlene Quiñones Perez.

Sacco was most content about winning all 39 districts in the township. Sacco defeated his arch nemesis, Larry Wainstein, by 3,561 votes, according to the Hudson County Clerk’s Office.

Re-elected Commissioner Alan Pasucal said although it was a tough campaign, the North Bergen residents “spoke loud and clear.”

Quiñones Perez also offered her praise for Sacco when speaking with Hudson County View.

West New York Mayor Felix Roque and town Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo, who were also victorious on Tuesday night, joined the party and were congratulated by Sacco before saying a few words to the crowd on hand.


Full North Bergen election results: 

Vote Count Percent
Enrique Henry MARRERO 1A 589 0.92%
Lawrence ”Larry” WAINSTEIN 1B 4,904 7.63%
Juan ALMANZAR 2B 4,502 7.00%
Alcides E. SIRI 3B 4,448 6.92%
Veronica CASTRILLON 4B 4,482 6.97%
Eduardo CESPEDES 5B 4,399 6.84%
Nicholas J. SACCO 1C 8,465 13.17%
Frank J. GARGIULO 2C 8,156 12.69%
Hugo D. CABRERA 3C 8,149 12.68%
Allen PASCUAL 4C 8,137 12.66%
Julio MARENCO 5C 8,003 12.45%

Personal Choice 38 0.06%
Total 64,272 100.00%

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  1. Good Job Danny Luis and DeFino Boy. You succeeded in your Dummy Ticket and re-electing Roque the Criminal. With all his Criminals…Frank Ferriero you to did a great Job Getting Roque Re-Elected!…Bravo.

    Hope you 3 enjoyed your Victory Blunt.

  2. Felix ROQUE very pissed off today. Seems he got the Official word he is not going to be Mayor after next week. LOL can’t say we didn’t tell him………………lol

    Also FBI sniffing around Town Hall today….