Ramos takes aim at Occhipinti, Wefer as war for Hoboken 4th Ward Council seat begins


Former Assemblyman (D-33) Ruben Ramos hosted an event at his home at 107 Jefferson Street last night to formally announce his candidacy for Hoboken 4th Ward Council, taking some shots at his opponents in the process. 


Ramos hosted the event in the backyard of his home since he was 10 years old: 107 Jefferson Street.

The former city councilman addressed the few dozen supporters on hand after 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo thanked Ramos’ 2013 running mates, Laura Miani and Eduardo Gonzalez – who is challenging 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham this time around – for their continued support.

Although Ramos had an “unsuccessful journey” in pursuit of Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s seat in 2013, Ramos, who has 14 years of office under his belt at 41 years old, said that he has learned a lot in his two years outside of city hall/the statehouse by listening.

After also briefly talking about successful legislative measures he took part in, such as implementing flood pumps in the 4th Ward, he spoke one-on-one with Hudson County View about his political career – as well as his opposition: Councilman Tim Occhipinti and Hoboken Housing Authority Chairwoman Dana Wefer.

Meanwhile, over at City Bistro on 14th Street, Zimmer hosted an event where she threw her support behind Mike DeFusco in Ward 1, Tiffanie Fisher in Ward 2, Wefer in Ward 4, Cunningham in Ward 5 and Jen Giattino in Ward 6.

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  1. Ramos may be the worst of the 3 options. You have to question the wisdom of being introduced by FBI surveillance tape star Mike Russo. Reminds me of the video where Ramos stood with Convicted Felon Peter Cammarano and talked about how you can’t legislate to prevent people from taking bribes. Now that is a classic youtube

    Vote Wefer

  2. Better is Dana Wefer chairing a nonlawful HA meeting in violation of the Open Meeting Act. Absolute corruption. Wefer has been seeking public office unsuccessfully for over a decade. She is corrupt to the core.

    • you couldn’t sound any dumber every time you spout that meeting violation nonsense. Can’t wait to see you as a total disaster at the debates.

      Hey, how did that Bajardi SLAPP lawsuit end up? You had promised to help them out. Do you have 300k they can borrow?