Prosecutor: West New York police capt. charged with stealing $60k from youth academy


A West New York police captain has been charged with stealing over $60,000 from the local youth police academy, Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez announced.

Photo via Flickr.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Erwin Moreno, 49, is charged with one count of theft, a third-degree crime, Suarez said in a statement.

He was served his complaint summons at the West New York Police Department and released pending his first court appearance, which is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 29th.

The investigation found Moreno misused over $60,000 of the West New York Youth Police Academy, Inc. funds for personal benefit between 2016 and 2023. The organization is a 501(c)(3) in which Moreno served as president.

“The West New York Police Department has cooperated fully in the investigation and will continue to do so,” noted West New York Deputy Chief Santiago Cabrera.

“We will continue acting to ensure that the West New York Police Department maintains the highest level of integrity and always remains committed to upholding both the law and the public trust.”

Moreno earned a salary of about $179,193 in 2021 and has been on the force for nearly 25 years, according to public records.

Suarez credited the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Internal Affairs Unit and the West New York Police Department Internal Affairs Unit with the investigation and arrest.

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  1. Wow WTF really stealing 60 k for personal use! If it’s true then you’re an idiot you make 180,000 a year and you do this . Wow !!! The sad thing is WNY has been all messed up since you guys appointed 2 idiots as Deputy Chiefs that don’t do a single thing, they don’t care , they don’t even come into work! Don’t take my word ask around the station , it’s time to clean house !!!!You need a New Chief that will do the right thing !!!!!

  2. Erwin Moreno Prob Stole more like $180,000 and and the deal was made to repay $60,000. Plead guilty forfiet your job and keep your Pension. No one will remember this in a few weeks. Win-Win. Dirty corruption in WNY.

  3. Dirty on top!!! You need to get rid of do nothing Deputy Chief who’s been asleep for years . He talks about integrity and cooperation but this guy and Antolos were all over the 💰💰💰back in the days don’t believe me ask orienti or his son . Wake up Albio start all over get rid of these bums !

  4. Its Been already over a month since Albio and his team won election. Their Supporters are realizing they where lied to. Status quo as before. Nothing different. That clerk for a town Admin must be relieved. Has no clue! Town Hall employees afraid to speak out about probs and BS.

    Albio sorry i believed you and your cohorts lies.

    WNY PD Abandoned the town long ago and so did Albio. Had to run this time to prevent Roque coming back to pocket Albios $$. Truth coming before the Clouds now.

    The WNY Police Dept is no where to be found. People on Streets know this but Albio now part of blame.

    WNY is in shambles and now its on Albio as before. He has been calling shots behind scences for to long. Like a pimp. Shame on you Albio sorry My family and friends voted for you.

  5. You’re so right isnt it crazy that since 1982 when Defino lost to Sires there has only been a Cuban as Mayor in WNY it’s public record check it out for yourselves . It’s Hudson county at it best corruption you give to me and I’ll give to him right down the line of DICTATOR ship . Cuban people are good people but since a Hispanic has been Mayor of WNY it’s been nothing but CORRUPTION and Nepatism at its best . WNY people are good hard working they deserve better so the sooner you recall this Albio Sires the less money he could steal out of your families pockets . Don’t wait get rid of this BUM !!!’