Police: Woman charged with DWI in Hoboken after crashing into car with E-scooter


A woman was charged with driving while intoxicated in Hoboken after crashing into a car pulling out of a parking space with her E-scooter, police said.

Photo via www.li.me.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Erin Slavin, 26, of Morganville, was charged with driving while intoxicated (E-scooter), DWI in a school zone and reckless driving, according to Police Det. Sgt. Edgardo Cruz.

On Sunday around 6:30 p.m., while in the area of 9th and Washington Streets, Officer Joshua Campoverde observed a female crash an electric scooter into a vehicle which was exiting a parking spot.

The female, later identified as Salvin, into the motor vehicle prior to hitting the ground. Officer Campoverde rushed to her aid, and although conscious, she was lying motionless on her back.

While tending to her, Campoverde could smell alcohol emanating from her breath. As medical personnel tended to her, she began to scream at them, stating she wanted to leave, authorities said.

From there, Sgt. Ed Sellick was able to perform a field sobriety test and based on his observations, Salvin was placed under arrest for DWI. She ultimately provided breath samples which showed her to be double the legal limit, police said.

Once the arrest process was complete she was released to a family member. She later received several motor vehicle summonses for the offenses.

“Our department is always proactive in the area of DWI Enforcement. We do this in order to keep drunk drivers off the roads so that they don’t have the ability to hurt anyone including themselves … A person can be arrested for DWI for operating any vehicle or mode of transportation that is not muscle powered,” Chief Kenneth Ferrante said in a statement.

“With new legislation signed by Governor Murphy in May of 2019, E-scooters were added to our roadways. Operators of them, if found to be intoxicated, will be arrested for DWI and face the same penalties as if they were operating a car. This was our third DWI arrest for an individual operating an E-scooter.”

Ferrante noted that while most people believed the first E-scooter DWI occurred earlier this month, the first occurred on August 14th, when an intoxicated man suffered multiple injuries including bone fractures.

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