7 people arrested in Secaucus prostitution sting, police chief says


Seven people were arrested in a Secaucus prostitution sting last week, Police Chief Dennis Miller said in a statement today.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The underlying cause for problematic crimes at our hotels stem from prostitution. The Secaucus police will continue to address this underlying crime,” Miller said in an email to HCV.

“However, do the continued ongoing investigation the hotels where the arrests were made are withheld.”

On Friday, November 17th, in an effort to combat vice related crimes within the Town of Secaucus, the Secaucus Police Department Anti-Crime Unit arrested six people.

Johanny Ledesma, 45, of Bronx, New York, Simone Deoliveiraavila, 36, of Newark, Estefanie Feliz Martinez, 31, of Paterson, Yerelin Rodriguez-Hernandez, 23, also of Paterson, are all charged with engaging in prostitution.

Additionally, Bladimir Encarcioncruz, 26, and Nairoby Constanzamartinez, 18, Ivan Gaviriaflorez, 31, all of Paterson, were each charged with promoting prostitution.

Gaviriaflorez was also charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and money laundering.

They were all issued their complaints summonses before being released from police custody, authorities said.

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