Police: Man stole $227.60 worth of Visine, nasal spray at Secaucus Walmart


A Newark man was arrested at the Secaucus Walmart early Saturday morning after he was caught attempting to shoplift $227.60 worth of Visine, nasal spray and reading glasses, police said.

Photo via clevelandconstruction.com
Photo via clevelandconstruction.com

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Keith Thomas, 46, of Newark, was charged with robbery around 1:07 a.m. on Saturday for attempting to steal Visine, nasal spray and reading glasses, with the items totaling $227.60, according to Police Det. Sgt. Michael Torres.

Thomas was also found to have three active warrants out of Union, Clifton and Elizabeth for the amounts of $1,000, $583.00, and $500, respectively, officials said.

He was arrested and transported to the Hudson County jail. Thomas’ bail was set at $25,000 with a 10% option, authorities said.

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