UPDATED: Police: Man ejected from SUV, vehicle flips, in crash near Holland Tunnel


A 32-year-old man from Palm Beach, Florida was issued summonses for reckless driving and for not using a child restraint after a serious crash near the Holland Tunnel early this morning, officials said.

Port Authority police

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

A man was ejected from his SUV, with the vehicle flipping over onto its roof, with two females suffering relatively minor injuries as the result of an early morning crash near the Holland Tunnel, police said.

At about 12:30 a.m., Port Authority police received a call of an overturned vehicle near the intersection of Erie and 14th Streets in Jersey City with multiple injuries, according to Port Authority police spokesman Joe Pentangelo.

Upon arrival, officers observed one male on the ground after he had been ejected from the SUV, with seven passengers also standing outside of the vehicle, officials said.

The ejected male sustained a head injury, a 5-year-old female sustained abdominal and head injuries and a 54-year-old female sustained a head and neck injury, authorities said.

All parties were treated at the Jersey City Medical Center-Barnabas Health and at around 2:00 a.m., medical staff reported that all three individuals were in stable condition, police said.

The Port Authority Police Department’s Accident Investigation Team intermittently closed Westbound 14th Street a clean-up and examination of the accident were performed, which resulted in no summonses or arrests, officials said.

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  1. SMH, it really makes you think. This maniac could have been driving near any one of us, or our children, our families, loved ones. How do they get licenses in these little towns in Florida and all over is beyond me. If you cannot drive in a city, do not drive in a city. Life is so precious, and so short, and we do not need crazies like this person to make it even shorter. Thank G-d no one was killed — it could have so easily been the last night of someone’s life because of this nut. And with that little precious baby girl in the car, as well, it breaks my heart. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. Hug your loved ones.

    • U sound really stupid!!!! If u don’t know the truth or wasn’t there u have absolutely no room to comment… second just bc the driver had a licence from Florida doesn’t mean he lived there…. third everyone in that car had seat belts on… and yes MY KIDS WERE ALL SAFE!!!! The driver was my fiance which did a good job saving us bc another car caused the accident.. so u should really know the true details before u open ur mouth and text nonsense that u have no clue about…

  2. I read all ur comment and I must say u all sound stupid as HELL… first of all a cut them off but the paper never said that..never assume what u think happened.. that driver was the one to save his family in the end there was no police or ems there to remove that family from the truck..second he did all he can do to save his family.. so all u with ur negative thoughts I can wipe my ass with them bc u DON’T COUNT.. and guess what this was written buy the owner and passenger of that truck.. oh one more thing all my kids had there seat belt on.. JERKS!!!!!