Police: Bayonne tenant arrested after striking landlord in the head, making him bleed


A Bayonne tenant was arrested on Sunday afternoon after striking his landlord in the head and making him bleed after ongoing tensions boiled over, police said.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Courtney J. Liberto, 32, of Bayonne, was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, according to Police Capt. Eric Amato.

Liberto was taken into custody at about 3:56 p.m. from the area of 10th Street and Avenue C. Officers responded to a residence on a report of an individual, a landlord, bleeding after being struck with an object by a tenant.

The investigation determined that Liberto and the landlord have a history of ongoing issues and on this date, Liberto struck the victim in the head with an unknown object as he walked down a hallway past her door.

As a result, the victim suffered a laceration to the face and temporary sensory issues. Liberto was arrested and processed on the aforementioned charges, authorities said.

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  1. she never touched this man ! He is lying to get her in trouble because on 9/5 I had Bayonne Fire Inspector from 27th street station to meet me at 10 am due to mushrooms were growing out the wall .However he got fines and had to do all the repairs and on the same day he ran to 595 Newark avenue to evict her after moving in 7/1/22 and 4200$ cash from her smf and being as his son in law is an officer of the law concoct it a horrible lie ! She leaves to go shopping and they were waiting for her to come back in the house and they planned this all on Friday which was said ffom another tenant!!!!! He needs to be put on a lie detector to prove her innocence snd I will hire multiple attorneys to sue him and Bayoone Police for not reading her rights to her and whomever else wants to Slander her name ….I raised 3 wonderful kids on East 25 th snd they have high paying careers without ever getting into any trouble ever from childhood to adulthood and I will not stop until he is behind bars and ger name is cleared