Pascrell takes aim at Trump over Georgia grand jury, ‘clown from Long Island’ George Santos


U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-9) was in a punchy mood when asked about the special grand jury report about potential interference in then-President Donald Trump’s (R) re-election bid in 2020, as well as scandal-plagued “clown from Long Island” George Santos.

U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-3, NY). Instagram photo.

By Daniel Ulloa/Hudson County View

“That jury was absent prejudice. They worked objectively, and that jury decided unanimously that certain people who testified, they didn’t say about publicly … lied, and they want those people indicted,” Pascrell told HCV after announcing $950,000 federal funds for a new Secaucus senior center this morning.

“If the attorney general and the judge have guts, that’ll happen. But you’re talking about Georgia. You’re not talking about New Jersey. It’s taken them a little while to catch up. But I’m confident something will happen. No one is above the law. Not even a Congressman.

A report from the grand jury released yesterday said that they believed one or more witnesses may have committed perjury while testifying in the case and recommended that the District Attorney seek indictments.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung hailed the fact that Trump was never mentioned outright in the report.

“The long awaited important sections of the Georgia report, which do not even mention President Trump’s name, have nothing to do with the President because President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong,” he said in a statement.

Additionally, Trump took to Truth Social to thank the grand jury for “total exoneration.”

As far as Santos goes, Pascrell said that “I don’t think that’s ever told the truth in his life” in light of being caught lying about his work history, including allegedly telling donors he was a producer for Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, along with other scandals related to dressing up as a woman in Brazil and a non-profit dog rescue.

“You see this clown from Long Island: I’m not calling him a clown behind his back. I call him a clown to his face,” he declared.

“I don’t think he’s ever told the truth in his life. He’s got a major psychological situation going on. Whether he stays there or not, I don’t know. The people voted for him. Now they want him out. That is a decision they will make.”

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  1. Speaking of clowns, how about Hunter Biden and the other members of the now infamous Biden family business.
    Don’t ever expect Mr P to have enough courage to ever even ask about them or having them telling the whole truth.

  2. U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-9) One of the BIGGEST POS in NJ Politics.. Cant get anymore Corrupt than Pascrell

    The Day of the Lord is coming for u Bill.. God have mercy on u and u family.