NY Waterway granted federal permit to move ferry maintenance station to Hoboken


NY Waterway has been granted a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to move their ferry maintenance station to Hoboken’s Union Dry Dock. 

By John Heinis/Hudson County View 

“I have just received notice that the US Army Corps of Engineers has granted NY Waterway a permit to move their ferry maintenance and refueling depot from Weehawken to the former Union Dry Dock site in Hoboken,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement last night. 

“I am incredibly disappointed but for me, this fight is far from over.  I am re-doubling my efforts to ensure that this property will be a public park, NOT a ferry maintenance and refueling depot.”

Bhalla continued that Gov. Phil Murphy (D) will have the final say in the matter, therefore he and representatives and NJ Transit should visit the site to see “the detrimental impact” this will have on Hoboken. 

2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher said that while not a surprise, the decision is still “frustrating” and urged Hoboken residents to contact Murphy’s office. 

“This decision is so frustrating, although not unexpected,” she said. 

“I urge all Hoboken residents to call Governor Murphy’s office at 609-292-6000, tell him how important our waterfront is to our community and ask him to do the right thing: protect Hoboken’s waterfront and better align all public transportation at Hoboken’s Lackawanna Terminal.”

Back in July, dozens of residents spoke out against bringing NY Waterway to the Union Dry Dock site, with a few also speaking in favor of the idea. 

Then last month, Bhalla and other Hoboken officials pushed for Union Dry Dock to bring their station to the Hoboken Lackawanna Ferry Terminal based on a study conducted by Boswell Engineering on September 6th. 

In his own statement, NY Waterway Founder and President Arthur Imperatore applauded the decision by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

” … I want to thank the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for their diligence in hearing all the arguments, in studying the issues and in granting NY Waterway permits to operate a marine repair and maintenance facility at the Union Dry Dock site in Hoboken,” he began. 

“This action is critical to our ability to provide vital mass transit service on a daily basis, enriching the lives of New Jersey commuters and adding value to waterfront property. Union Dry Dock has operated continuously for more than 100 years as a marine repair and maintenance facility. We will continue that great tradition, using this site to keep our ferries in top condition, operating safely, cleanly and comfortably.” 

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  1. Was disappointed when I read the news today on Hoboken Horse. But maybe I had my hopes up too much after the hearing. It doesn’t look like we can make NY Waterway move to Lackawanna.

    • Disappointed you gave that highly bias web site a plug who much like Councilwoman Fisher who solicited donations to keep it alive. Councilwoman Fisher caused the problem and now she and her web flunkies need to backpedal if she stands any chance of getting reelected. Ditto Council for members Gianntino, Cunningham, DeFusco and Ramos.

      • I’ve been following Hoboken government and have read the Hoboken Horse site for years. I don’t need you to tell me what is acceptable reading directed by your bias. Like Hudson County View, they are publishing the most important news in Hoboken. It’s exactly what we need, news outlets speaking truth to power and holding the mayor accountable. Fisher, Cunningham and Giattino are good public servants with excellent voting records. They have brought along Ruben Ramos in a positive way too. Hoboken needs a working coalition serving Hoboken not the politics of ambition and self-serving on the City Hall dime. Hopefully, the efforts of our local officials will continue and we get relief from NJ Transit and Gov. Murphy.

        • Hoboken horse doesn’t cover councilman DeFusco’s dirty money or favors to developers. He just went to a zoning hearing to fight for an oversize building right next to the fourth ward. Hoboken horse would go crazy if the mayor did that. He’s biased.

          • Horse never ever would tell the truth those who’s funding keep his already failing site alive. His insane bias is evident in every post.

            Many of the old guard voter gathers he rails against were backing DeFusco.

  2. Arthur Impatore didn’t want his ferry refueling station to stay Weehawken and but decided building super expensive luxury river front condominiums was critical for his bottom line.

    Unfortunately some on the Hoboken City Council decided to continue their toxic political games and caused Hoboken to miss the opportunity to avoid this whole mess and delayed the vote to purchase the property opening the door to NY Waterways/ NJT to sneak in and grab the property.

  3. Dawn Zimmer was Mayor and Councilwoman for MORE THAN 8 YEARS!
    Why did she wait so long to deal with NY Waterway and UDD?
    Isn’t it true there’s a letter from Hoboken/Zimmer in UDD’s possession where Zimmer declined to buy the property a few years back?