North Bergen recognizes ‘real live hero’ for receiving Congressional Medal of Honor


The North Bergen Board of Commissioners issued a proclamation for Paul Novembre, who received a Congressional Medal of Honor for his service as a member of “The Devil’s Brigade” in World War II, at today’s meeting.


“He served in the first special force unit during the war, it was known as “The Devil’s Brigade,’ and it existed before there were Navy SEALs and green berets – they were the offshoots of this organization,” Mayor Nick Sacco explained about Novembre while reading the proclamation.

“As a member of The Devil’s Brigade, he and his fellow soldiers accomplished numerous daring feats, fighting behind the enemy lines, killing or capturing thousands of enemy combatants.”

Novembre briefly recalled his military service, stating “it was all about fighting for this country, making sure this country was always safe.”

“This is a real live hero for what he’s accomplished … what he’s accomplished here,” Sacco said of Novembre when addressing the crowd of about 30 or 40 people on hand at the meeting.


  1. According to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s website, Paul Novembre is NOT a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (at least not a U.S. Medal of Honor recipient). Either you have mislabeled or misidentified a medal he actually received or, if he is purporting to be a MOH recipient what he is doing may actually be illegal.

    • Well, I’d imagine you saw the video. I highly doubt the township of North Bergen would make a glaring error like that, perhaps the CMHS’s website is just outdated? Also, ther media outlets have reported on Novembre’s Congressional Medal of Honor in recent memory.

  2. No, their website is COMPLETELY up to date, including the most recent award to Alonzo Cushing for his actions during the Civil War. This isn’t some Facebook page run by a weekend warrior. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society may be the most exclusive “club” in the world because the ONLY way you can become a member is to earn a Medal of Honor. I also have a book called “Heroes of World War II” by Edward F. Murphy, a highly regarded war historian that lists the names of every single MOH recipient from WWII. Mr. Novembre’s name is not in there either. This is not the first time this sort of thing has happened, wherein folks who should probably do a little fact checking just don’t. Fake MOH recipients have ridden in town parades, been honored at civic luncheons, etc. The township of North Bergen (and apparently other media outlets) have, in fact, made a GLARING error. Yes, I did see the video. Did you notice that Mr. Novembre is wearing a whole host of medals, none of which is a MOH?

  3. Mr Paul F. Novembre was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal in Washington DC on Feb. 3, 2015. It was erroneously reported as the Congressional Medal of Honor in The North Bergen Reporter as well as by Town Hall. Not that any of that should matter, the man is a living legend and a war Hero. He was awarded the Purple Heart in both WWII and Korea. He is more than deserving of the recognition that he is receiving.

  4. So it was, in fact, just some well meaning folks misidentifying a medal which Mr. Novembre had actually earned. The Devil’s Brigade WAS awarded a Congressional Gold Medal, which is a very prestigious honor. Congratulations and thank you to him. This country could use more men like him. But the distinction in decorations does matter. Folks in the positions these people are in should know the difference and honor him correctly.

  5. You are correct Mark. Fact checking seems to be a thing of the past. But again, that being said, receiving the CGM as well as the recognition from the Township of North Bergen is a BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL!!!!!! But certainly one that Mr. Novembre and all members of the greatest generation deserve. Thanks for your kind words. I will be sure to pass them on to him and his family.

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