North Bergen introduces $87 million budget with zero tax increase


The North Bergen Board of Commissioners introduced this year’s $87 million budget, which boasts zero tax increase for residents. Township Administrator Chris Pianese and Mayor Nick Sacco explained the intricacies of the budget in detail. 


Pianese explained the details of the budget by reviewing a 10-page presentation for the board and residents on hand, touching on a variety of topics including employee/union health benefits and more building permits being purchased to increase revenue.

Sacco noted that the budget is especially impressive given that state aid to North Bergen is on a declining trend.

Pianese also pointed out that although the township had a $8.8 million surplus to utilize, only $2 million were needed to balance the budget. Speaking with Hudson County View, Sacco said the budget is “nearly perfect.”

A breakdown of the budget can be read here.


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