‘NJ has the absolute worst way to hire police officers,’ James Shea says


When Jersey City Public Safety Director James Shea shared his plans with the Jersey City Chapter of the NAACP to decrease crime in Jersey City, he made it clear that he strongly disagrees with how NJ hires police officers.


Shea is a former NYPD Deputy Police Chief.

He then stated the problems he is facing with attrition and recruitment.

Currently they have 790 officers, 41 in the academy and 25 going into the academy. He explains why since they hired 150 officers they only gained 10 new officers.

For diversity in the police force, he highlighted that the first African-American has been promoted to lieutenant in 10 years, since current Jersey City NAACP President Bill Braker and ex-Jersey City Mayor Glenn D. Cunningham, held the position – in addition to 10 African-American sergeants.

Director Shea also announced their plans for increased recruitment initiatives in the African-American community by establishing a recruitment office in the MLK Hub.

In light of the recent shots fired by Snyder High School this past week, the topic of school and student safety was also discussed.

President William Braker also addressed his major concern on how crime affects the economy in Ward F.

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  1. First things first Jeannette Josue is “HOT”! Crime in Ward F has been an issue and will continue to be for the obvious reasons. Take the God damn police off of Funeral detain and grammar school details. Every God damn funeral has 3 or 4 police cars in front for no good reason. I also notice cops in front of various grammar schools for no good reason. When a cop car parks on a drug block business is completely shut down. There are to many cops out there driving in circles and YES EATING DONUTS hanging out in the same stores (because zhit is free). They need to saturate greenville all the time. You got alot of cops in useless areas to. All the alcoholic cops or older ones are doing jobs that civilians can do because they don’t want to put them on the streets because there useless or will get in trouble.
    It is a damn shame that the best and brightest with the best test scores aren’t promoted first. After they put there racial makeup quotes in then they’ll get to doing it the right way. If I was black I would feel insulted about getting promoted because of my color. I guess just take the money and run. I guess I wouldn’t complain but it is effed up.
    Also who cares where the Academy is. Why would it make a difference if it is in Jersey City or in another County? I thought there is just one NJ police academy but Jersey City wants there own? I’m not sure I understand that.
    Anyway great job reporting as always Hudson County View.

  2. The make up of the JC PD needs to truly reflect the make up of our diverse city. The recruitment of all minorities needs to be stepped up. We still do not have enough police for a city of this size. I Think Mr Shea is on the right track in changing they way things were done with the PD, to the way they must be done. Lastly based on the current size of our police, they need to intergrate technology better with our PD, I have made suggestions on the better use of technology in the past However they fell on deaf years.

  3. I had to move to to maryland to get hired even though I had top test scores, top pt scores and a criminal justice degree…NJ loses great candidates to other states because of there horrible recruitment and selection processes.