Residents complain about “prison grey” color of Salem Lafayette Apartments


“Prison Grey” is the description given not only by Assemblyman Charles Mainor, but many Jersey City residents living in the area regarding the new color of Salem Lafayette Apartments.

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  1. The people should be complaining…. the color makes Salem Court look too institutionalized….this is not the sixties or seventies this is 2014, they should have left them the way they were, could’ve power washed them, this place looks like some kind of facility now……who ever made the decision to do that knew exactly what what they were doing!!

  2. Agree, the first sight is of prison colors, something to dull the senses, but let’s complain about the real issues in that area, the crime that’s taking place, that should be the first priority, I bet u those committing crimes have nothing to say about it…

  3. I’m from jersey city Duncan projects and it’s beautiful there it’s a shame how they treat the people that want the peace and don’t want crimes to happen want their kids to feel free to go and play outside that’s why it’s call a project pay attention the prison grey color a “PROJECT” smh

  4. Instead of complaining about the crime in their area they are complaining about the color of the exterior of the housing complex?!? Ppl's priorities are all messed up!

  5. I'm going ask that the outsiders leave my neighborhood alone. If you didn't grow up here nor lived in here then you can't judge. I was born in raised in this "complex" not "projects" know the difference, it's really starting to irritate me crime is everywhere including in your backyard so I suggest start cleaning there before you start here because last time I checked we only have two backyards compared to the entire city! And I Thank You

  6. First, it’s not a complex it’s a project and the people made it that way. People are complaining about a color but won’t stand up against the bullshit that goes on in that place everyday. Something is wrong with the thought process. Its so hard to stop the issues because many of the fools causing the problem are laying up with their chicks or the parents allow them to continue to live under their roof knowing full well what they are doing. Complain about that. Demand changes about that. Get involved in that. Before anyone says it…I’m not an outsider. .. I used to live in that shit hole.

  7. Wow, I’m just reading these comments after all this time. & I happen to be one of the tenants that was here since day 1 overs 30 years ago, & yes this is a Complex, not a Projects!! Remember it’s the people that brings a neighborhood down, not the place.. So for those of you who talking negative about Salaf Court with the exeception of 1 or 2 , it’s obvious you didn’t grow up around here. & If they offered you an apartment in here today, some of you would take it in a heart beat!! It’s not where you live, but how you live! Know that!!!!!