Morris Canal development group president files to run for Jersey City council-at-large


Morris Canal Community Development Corporation President June Jones has filed her paperwork with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (NJ ELEC) to run for Jersey City council-at-large.

Morris Canal Community Development Corporation President June Jones is running for Jersey City council-at-large. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Initially, it was my thought to do Ward F, but I am confident in the candidate running for Ward F, Frank Gilmore. In addition to that, I think we need more folks like myself, like Frank, that will speak truth to power … it’s time for independent leadership,” Junes told HCV over the phone this afternoon.

Jones filed her D-1 form with ELEC on Monday, according to their online database, and has named Carol Tyler as her campaign chair, with Anna Rodney designated as her campaign treasurer.

Jones is the third independent at-large candidate to file, behind fellow first time candidate Elvin Dominici and Lincoln High School Principal Chris Gadsden, a former Ward B councilman.

The MDC typically takes clear cut positions on Ward F development projects, for example they are currently suing the city planning board over the Morris Canal Manor proposal, and Jones says that her advocacy over the year’s would translate well to public service.

“The basic platform for any person looking to be elected by the people, for the people, is to be able to give true representation. With Morris Canal, we started out as a community organization and created the CDC to steer development – our passion was affordable housing, we wanted to see more jobs and skills created with these jobs – apprentice-type jobs,” she explained.

“We’ve seen this coming for many, many years and we really don’t have a program that addresses this today.”

From there, Jones reemphasized the need to replace most incumbents since, as she sees it, they typically vote for what the administration wants, not the residents.

“A part of the problem is decisions are being made without consideration for what people want. There’s several examples of people raising their voices on proposed ordinances, where people said no, and the vote is yes – it’s clear the votes are already predetermined:  It’s time for change,” she exclaimed.

And finally Jones addressed the fact that all independent candidates will have a marked fundraising disadvantage to those running on Mayor Steven Fulop’s ticket, though Jones didn’t sound particularly concerned about that aspect of the race.

“Though we are getting in the game a little bit late, I know that I don’t stand alone and I also know that in the absence of money to buy a vote, we have people to vote – and will vote – to making this change happen,” she stated.

“Nelson Mandela said ‘it’s always impossible until it’s done’ and that’s exactly how I feel about this election: the people will speak.”

Jones will compete against Council members-at-Large Daniel Rivera and Joyce Watterman, the council president, as well as Hudson County Democratic Organization Chair Amy DeGise – who are all running on Team Fulop.

The non-partisan Jersey City municipal elections will take place on November 2nd.

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