Hoboken Council-at-Large candidate Presinzano reveals parking, pool, and recreation plan


Hoboken Council-at-Large candidate Paul Presinzano, a part of the “Independently Together” team, has revealed a plan that seeks to create more parking, build a municipal pool, and upgrade local recreation programs.

Hoboken Council-at-Large candidate Paul Presinzano. Photo courtesy of the Independently Together campaign.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Parking and recreation may seem like unrelated issues, but Independently Together asserts that they they intersected last week when Mayor Ravi Bhalla put forth a plan for a City Council vote that would allow developers to build luxury residential apartments on a Hoboken-owned site adjacent to the Northwest Resiliency Park.

This piece of property had previously been earmarked for a municipal garage in northwest Hoboken and a state-of-the-art recreation center and pool, though the vote was postponed.

“After connecting with many of my Hoboken neighbors over the past few weeks, I have confirmed what I already know to be true, that we need new ideas to change the direction on parking and recreation,” Presinzano said in a statement.

“As your voice on the City Council, I will advocate to expand public parking capacity in Hoboken and finally build the community center and pool that Hoboken was promised and deserves. The exact opposite of what is being proposed by the administration.”

His parking plan seeks to build new parking structures in the southwest and northwest areas of the city, lowering prices on overnight parking in municipal garages, incentizing those with off-street parking to use those spots, partnering with private garages to create shared parking arrangements, among other initiatives.

Presinzano also suggests starting the construction of a community center and pool immediately, as well as developing a better programming schedule for field space to make recreation more accessible.

“We need a smarter approach to make better use of our field space and our sports programs more widely accessible,” he said.

“Whether Mama Johnson field, which is often empty or used by an outside sports provider, or our new basketball court at 770 Jackson Street that, instead of using nearby Jubilee Center or even City Hall, is currently being used for vaccines instead.”

Furthermore, he calls for a expanding programming for residents of all ages, implementing a resident advisory board for recreation, and upgrading the city’s current recreation website.

“As your elected representative, you have my word that I will be a fresh voice on the City Council who is going to tackle these issues head on until we finally see the results Hoboken deserves,” Presinzano concluded.

The non-partisan Hoboken municipal elections are on November 2nd, where 10 council-at-large candidates are vying for three seats and mayoral race is uncontested.

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  1. Since this is Hoboken, a city pool would be a nightmare of mismanagement, expensive maintenance and exorbitant liability. Nice idea, but I don’t want my tax dollars wasted on it, too many other more important things to do.

    • the pool is a great idea for all ages and walks of life to help lower obesity rates and cardiovascular health for seniors and kids. Also as a handicapped man to be able to have a pool with proper access will help instrumentally for physical therapy. Not sure what type of exorbitant liability you speak of, many cities across the world literally have public pool access. Just cause you dont swim dosent mean its not viable. If you have such serious concerns that our city cant manage a pool possible your negative outlook in life. I pray the pool can be locate in south end of town due to my lack of mobility.

  2. Is this guy applying for a job in the rec department or running for City Council?

    The Tiffanie Ticket is a joke though their likely pathetic performance in the upcoming election will be a pretty solid indicator of the standing of their patrons Tiff and Jenn. Their cowardly decision to cower behind their “independent” ticket rather than face the voters themselves will be fully validated.

  3. He seems good…. Fallick is a Communist and hates people who are successful. She fights with moms pushing strollers and spoke against the housing for homeless veterans. Imagine, rent control is okay for those without a means test but a person who served our country is not priority even if they are homeless?
    Brennan seems nice enough, but records show she moved here about 3 years ago.
    Seems to me she just a Fallick clone because they can’t run Dan Thompson or his wife Maryanne.

    Stop development, ban moms and strollers, build evict the rich and replace them with squatter housing is their goal. Another group that hates landlords and supports ” Cancel The Rent” Communism.

    Ironically they are supported by 2 people who live in multi million dollar homes and don’t have to work for a. living now.