McGeehan faces criticism as Bayonne BOE rescinds P.A.L. eviction letter


Bayonne Superintendent of Schools Dr. Patricia McGeehan was expectedly the main target of Bayonne Police Athletic League (PAL) supporters during a special board of education meeting where their eviction notice was rescinded.


McGeehan, who signed an eviction letter asking PAL to vacate 550 Avenue A, was asked if she would reimburse the Bayonne Board of Education for legal fees that her actions has caused.

“You should hold your head in shame for what you have done,” stated Bayonne resident Michael Morris after quoting Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalloti (D-31) in a letter addressed to Dr. McGeehan.

“I am very concerned about the long-term impact, of this decision, on the children of Bayonne. I am especially concerned with the perception that this is a hasty decision and made in secret,” Chiaravalloti said in the letter.

PAL Executive Director KT Torello explained that he received a letter from Bayonne Board of Education counsel, Mitchell Pascual stating the eviction letter received on May 26, 2016 is “withdrawn without waiver of the Board’s rights in connection therewith.”

Board President Joseph Broderick publicly apologized for the letter.

“What we were hoping to get out of that was communication. Now maybe it didn’t come across that way it was, which is why I’ve apologized since. It’s why we rescinded it.”

On the topic of communication and transparency, Torello also asked if the public can know the outcome of the poll that was taken to rescind the letter but according to counsel, that information cannot be disclosed because of “possible imminent litigation.”

“Without discussing a vote or a poll, I will say none of my colleagues anticipated, especially not seeing the final letter, no one anticipated that it was an eviction and that’s the truth,” explained BBOE Trustee Mary Jane Desmond.

Desmond joined Torello in speaking out against the potential eviction during a sit-down interview with Hudson County View earlier this month.

As the board began to excuse themselves to meet behind closed doors to deliberate on the resolution on creating a PAL committee, BBOE Trustee Chris Munoz strongly suggested the board listen to what the public had to say first.

The resolution on creating a PAL committee to work closely with the BBOE passed unanimously.

The board’s decisions came after a large protest outside of the BOE headquarters where officials confidently stated that the eviction notice would be rescinded at the special meeting.

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