During protest to ‘save the P.A.L.’, Bayonne officials say eviction plan is over


During a protest in front of the Bayonne Board of Education building in hopes of preventing the Police Athletic League from getting evicted, several city officials said that the eviction notice to the organization has been rescinded.


“I think it’s a matter of us, as adults, to get into a room, draw up an agreement that works between the board of ed and the PAL and just put everything to rest so we don’t need to have this problem in the future,” said Mayor Jimmy Davis, the first official to speak out against a potential eviction.

Davis said he expected the board of education to vote to formally rescind a PAL eviction, located at 550 Avenue A, at tonight’s meeting.

Furthermore, the mayor told Hudson County View he anticipates a formal agreement to be drawn up in the next six to eight months, one which will last “forever” in an ideal scenario.

“This has been a tough time, but frankly, this fight has always been about the kids, alright?,” began Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalloti (D-31), who has also recently shown support for the PAL.

“They stepped up, you see the signs they made, this is an important issue for all the children in Bayonne, it’s an important issue for the families in Bayonne that use the PAL and I want to commend Mayor Davis and [BOE] President Broderick for working together on this and resolving this issue as quickly as they did.”

Chiaravalloti’s old running mate and colleague in Trenton, Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (D-31), another PAL supporter, said “there’s always power in numbers.”

“There’s always power in numbers. Look at this! Look at this!,” she said, referring to the over a 100 protesters on the sidewalk chanting in front of the BOE building at 669 Avenue A.

“This is amazing for so many people to come out, along with the children to talk about saving the PAL.”

PAL Executive Director KT Torello reiterated his previous thoughts that he never felt the May 26 eviction notice was legal to begin with, believing the BOE will make the right decision.

“Well, once again, we hope that the trustees will hear our voices, our children’s voices, that we may progress and grow bigger in the future. And we think we will defeat this today and end it all.”

Bayonne BOE Secretary Dr. Gary Maita said prior to the meeting starting around 7:30 p.m. that the board does indeed plan to rescind the measure, but the caucus will not start until 8:00 p.m.



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