Mayor Fulop office employee caught on camera during vulgar rant


Hudson County View obtained a vulgar video being shared on Facebook depicting Fulop Administration employee Brooke Hansson, a research assistant in the Jersey City Mayor’s Office according to her Linkedin page, on an expletive-filled rant directed at Bostwick Ave. residents.

WARNING: Video contains excessive coarse language.

UPDATE – Read Hudson County View’s follow-up editorial: 3 questions for Mayor Fulop post-Brooke Hansson’s rant

Text messages and e-mails seeking immediate comment from city spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill were not returned before the publication of this video.

Future comments from the Fulop Administration regarding this story will be updated on Hudson County View’s website.

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  1. Good for you girl! Wish i had the nerves to tell the drug dealers on my corner what I was thinking. I’m so sick of the noise, litter, and the needles on my street every morning. We need more people to stand up and fight for our community and stand up to these bullies

  2. Plenty of “gotcha!” going on here, but no journalism of any worth. The fact that she has a city job seems to have gotten your attention, but it doesn’t deserve much from the public. Most of us are fed up with noise and garbage, so her dropping some f-bombs is a big so what.

  3. This potty mouthed woman represents the Mayor’s Office, she is the assistant to the Chief of Staff and clearly is drunk and maybe even high at 3am. Walking around in that neighborhood with keys in her hand makes you wonder did she drive home in that condition? Where was she before this video was taken?

    There are ways to handle this quality of life issue, this is not one of them. Let’s see if this gets brushed under the carpet. We all will be watching.

  4. Wow Brooke maybe if you would use some of that energy on the RRC or 440 to get us some garbage cans in our community just maybe one of your issues might be on its way to being solved. How about talking to your boss about doing his job to bring the jobs to the people of Ward F instead of calling us a bunch of criminals? Unfortunately the only focus is on the supposed 45% of us with criminal records not the 55% of us who do not have criminal records. If our elected officials would actually stop worrying about themselves and fight for the resources our community deserves maybe you just might see a change….or maybe you should just move downtown where all of our money is spent.

  5. I agree with what she says. I lived on Bostwick for 4 years I understand her Frustration. The area right where she was standing is always nasty. Grow up people get a life ,get Educated and have some respect and decency for yourself. Change is better.

  6. A couple of notes.

    1 – Context. This video starts what is clearly quite a ways into an argument. What lead to the escalation to the point she is screaming? I don’t know, and unless we get to see what happened earlier neither does anyone else.

    2 – Brooke makes an awful lot of supposition. Drunk, high or just angry? Who knows? Certainly not us. And someone heading home with keys in their hand indicates they have been driving? Since when?

    3 – Cluster refers to the Mayor calling people something he never did. It was a city council candidate who allegedly called everyone in Ward F criminals, though that was actually just spin. Her point appeared to me to be that the residents were being treated that way, though she was inarticulate enough so that it was impossible to be sure what she meant at the time.

    All we see in that video is an angry person screaming. Is she being rightfully indignant or a whack job? Who knows? None of us.

  7. She is absolutely correct. I live in that area and many of the people hanging around there do not even live around there so they do not care about it. They throw trash everywhere. It is disgusting. Loud obscene music until 3 or 4 in the morning, kids running around until that time and no police presence. She was fed up and that’s just the way she expressed it. I see her every day coming in from work as I am leaving from work and she doesn’t bother anyone. They sit in front of her door every single day. They gamble, smoke drugs, drink and litter. They are very DISRESPECTFUL.

  8. She goes beyond ranting and raving – she is on a complete tirade that could not have ended well. Anyone heard from her or checked on her welfare after this tirade? Any other choice comments beside police brutality and "have some self respect"? A model of self respect she herself is, with her short tight skirt and high heels parading around dark streets at night cursing a group of black men in their face.